I just found out that I may be able to fill in for another church secretary while she is gone for three months! At this time of year, that makes me very happy as I can use all the money I can get. Right now I work at a United Methodist church on Fridays. That would give me Tuesday and Thursday at a Presbyterian church. There’s another church that might be looking for a secretary a couple days a week too. I could be full-time, just at different churches. Maybe I should start a church secretary business! 😉 I am way excited because we need some more income right now. But of course God will supply our needs. We were in a crazy accident last Friday. Our whole family was in the van and I was driving to work. I hit a deeper patch of snow and couldn’t stop us from going into a ditch that was at LEAST 6 feet deep and had 1-2 feet of water in it. We ended up on our side. The van was totaled, but we are all ok. Thank you, God!!! (And I really mean that – it’s not just an expression) We were in need of a vehicle, though. But we were given one by a Mennonite Pastor and his wife. However, they are afraid that the transmission might go out soon. We have another car, but it isn’t running right now. We should be able to get it fixed before the other gives out, though. AND I just found out that someone is giving us a van! A 1998 Dodge Caravan! I couldn’t be happier! God is SO good to us when we are faithful to Him! He’s AWESOME!!!