Today was trying. I had to go to Bad Axe for an appointment early this morning. I took Princess with me and she was pretty good. She got tired and bored though. On the way home we stopped and picked wildflowers. That was a lot of fun.

Then Chris made soup for lunch and before he got to add the cold water to Little Man’s soup, Little Man folded his hands to pray. In the process, he spilled his soup on himself! It was awful! My poor little man got burned badly. He has first degree burns on his left buttock, left leg and two fingers. He has a second degree burn on right half of his tummy. It’s quite a large area. We didn’t know how bad it was and weren’t sure if we should take him to the hospital, so I called a nurse friend who was nearby and she came and looked. His tummy had a blister that had broken before I really even saw the burn. It may have burst when I tore his t-shirt off him. But she said since it had burst we should take him. I was really pretty glad since I don’t have experience dressing burns, and wanted the doctor to tell me what to do.

So, he’s ok. But it was traumatic for all of us. My friend Bonnie, the nurse, took Princess to her house while we went to the hospital and invited us for supper afterwards. Wasn’t that sweet? At the hospital, I told Little Man I was really sorry he had got burned and he gave me the saddest face ever. I guess I had reminded him, because he was really very good. He never once cried at the hospital. Later, I asked if he was ever going to pray again. He gave me that look again, only a little toned down. Isn’t that just the saddest thing? He got burned because he hit his bowl with his arm as he started to pray?!?!? It breaks my heart!

After we finished at the hospital and the nurse had given Little Man four suckers and four stickers, we went and bought him a cool toy car. It’s doors and hood open. He loves it! Then we went and got him an ice cream cone. He loved that too. He deserved it, too. He did make out like a bandit, though!

After that we went to get Princess and have dinner. Bonnie and Glenn had gone grocery shopping and Princess got to pick the dessert. She picked vanilla ice cream and blueberries. Not too bad a choice! Chris had play practice at six and the rest of us got home at about seven. The kids are in bed now. Whew! What a day!

Now I just have to change the dressing the next few days and somehow manage to keep it clean for a whole day at a time. With potty training, that might be quite a feat even with the worst spot on his tummy. But, I am so thankful he is ok and that God prevented anything worse happening to him. It was the potty training underwear that protected his most sensitive parts from being burned. Thank you God! And it was great to hear Princess pray for him, which she did very well. I asked Little Man if he wanted me to pray for him and every time he nodded his head yes. That made me proud of my two kids. They love God. I guess all-in-all it was a pretty good day in that sense. I love my little man and my Princess!