Check out this post! It really got me thinking. Which you can tell by my post size comment!

I really do feel a need for intercession. I feel a need to pray more myself, too. This past week I’ve been blogging more and it has really helped me. I have a hard time sitting down and praying, but I do pray a lot during the day. And most of the praying I do, I don’t even realize I do. I do it subconsciously and only realize when I write about my day. It’s kind of crazy. The problem with this way of praying is that I’m not always listening. I need to spend time with God separately so that I can listen to what he says better. Many times I realize I didn’t listen after I do something the wrong way. It’s like a light goes on in my head and says, “You were warned about this.” And I realize I was, but I was only partly listening and so I didn’t really hear it!

Besides all that, I need to take more time to study. I usually only study when I have to preach, but that doesn’t put the Word in my heart like devotions do. What I could really use is a prayer buddy. If anyone would like to volunteer, please do so. I’ve actually been looking for someone to buddy up with or be mentored by for a long time. I could really use the accountability. It’s just so hard to find someone when you live in a small town and are a pastor and pastor’s wife. There are very few people you can be completely open with. I’ve been burned by saying to much to people before. So, seriously! If you need a prayer partner or would like to be mine even though you have another too, let me know! He He! This post has turned into an advertisement! But there has to be somebody out there who needs this same thing. And I hope this post will cause you to re-evaluate you prayer and study life, too.