On Saturday, I get to drive a stock car in the Faster Pastor Race at Owendale Speedway. You might say I’m a little scared! Chris did it last year and didn’t want to embarrass himself again. He was afraid to go fast. I’ve been told by a man in our church, who used to race, that you HAVE to go fast to get around the corners and that you have to turn left to go right because you are letting the wheels slide! SCARY! And to make it worse, it is just a dirt track. I don’t know if that is actually a bad thing or not, but it seems scarier! The stock car owners lend their cars to the pastors and we do ten laps. We have to collect canned goods to determine poll position. Chris was in the last starting position last year, out of only four though. I will probably be last too. I don’t think that it really mattered with us all being amateurs, though. There was one paster, the winning one, that seemed to have experience last year. I wonder if I will be up against him. The winning pastor receives $1000 for their church and all the canned food collected is donated to his (or her) charity of choice. If I win, ours will be donated to the local food pantry at Trinity United Methodist Church. That picture is of Chris getting ready to race last year.