I just found out my grandma died this morning. It makes me very sad. I wasn’t really close to her, but I wish I had been closer. I should have prayed for her more. I don’t think she was saved. That’s what just devastates me. If she had been saved I would only be sad for my family and I’s loss. I would be happy for her gain. I wish I knew she had asked

Jesus into her heart at the last minute. And I knew I should call her the other day and I didn’t. Which makes me cry. Maybe I could have led her to the Lord! Maybe I missed my only opportunity.

God, if this is so, please forgive me. And please be with my aunt and uncles through this difficult time. Especially my aunt who will be lost without anyone to care for and no job. Please bring someone to her to help her through this and please help me to be a witness to my family somehow. Help me to listen better and do what you ask. Help me to know what I can do now that will comfort my aunt and uncles. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Grandma with Children

Please pray with me for my family. Thanks.

Thanks to my Aunt Christine Baker for the beautiful photos she had previously posted on the internet. The first picture is of my grandma as a child with her baby sister, Arline. (My grandma as a child.) Picture two is of my grandma, grandpa, Uncle Richard and Aunt Christine. (My grandma with children.) The third picture is my grandparents. (My grandma with grandchildren.)

Grandma with grandkids

Update: My mom seems to feel assurance from God that grandma is alright. My aunt, too believes my grandma was spiritual but only privately. I feel I must trust God. No matter what, I can’t do anything now. I know God is just and if she truly believed that God was Lord, even if she didn’t say so to anyone else, He will know.