This week was the 52nd General Council of the Assemblies of God. It was held in Indianapolis, IN. There were some major changes debated. Some passed and other did not. I would like to highlight just a few that were the most important to me.

First of all, our new General Superintendent is Brother George O. Wood. I am very pleased with this. I have heard good things about how he is progressive in his thinking and actions. I believe he will do well in this position, especially as we transition into a fellowship that seeks to keep its younger and female ministers and younger constituents. I appreciate all that Brother Trask has dome for us and pray for him as he continues his journey of life with God’ direction.

Our new Assistant Superintendent is Brother Alton Garrison. I must be honest in my hopes that Brother Doug Clay would be voted into this position. However, I know that God led the voting that took place. I was unable to be there, but I did pray fervently for His will. Therefore I know that Brother Garrison is the right man for the job.

Our new Executive Director of US Missions is Brother Zollie Smith; an African American man! Check out 1:16:20 of this video. It is a moving acceptance speak. I am very happy to see what I believe is our first African American on our Assembly of God Executive Team. I praise God for his guidance as people voted.

There were two resolutions that I hoped would pass. The first one was Resolution 3: Composition of Executive Presbytery. I thank God that this passed. Along with 14, I believe, it will add two people to the Executive Presbytery: one female and one person under 40.

The other was Resolution 4: Composition of General Presbytery. This one did not pass. There seemed to be quite a lot of confusion with this one. There was an amendment to this and after the initial vote (via yeas and nays) was pronounced passed. Someone then asked for a secret ballot because it really sounded close. The secret ballot showed that it was only 4% from being passed and therefore failed. I was discouraged by this at first. This would have added 30 members to the General Presbytery. 25% would have been women and 75% would have been under 40. I believe that this would have been a very great improvement and step toward the AG becoming more aware of the needs of these groups. However, I must relate to you what happened to me. I was at work and I was instant messaging my husband. He was watching the video feed and keeping me informed of what was happening. He told me it had passed. I was very excited. I thanked God for 4 passing and said I trusted Him when I prayed for His will in the voting. And then I added that I had not trusted Him because it won like I thought it should. Then I found out that it had not actually won. I knew because of my conversation with God that it was His will even if the vote seemed all confused and messed up. God must have wanted it that way. I will never understand His will, but I will gladly stand in His will no matter what. I thank God for teaching me to trust even more. I know God is guiding our fellowship and will continue to pray that He continues to do so and that we all let Him do what needs to be done.

Thank you for leading us God! Thank you for a great General Council!