As a wrote in my last post, I preached on the Sabbath this week. My sermon prep was very interesting. I kept trying to work on my sermon but every time I tried, I would get interrupted. I must admit that some of it was my own doing, but not most of it. One day, Chris took the kids away so that I could work for about an hour and I had an amazing 8 phone calls! While I was at work on Friday, I was going to work on my sermon after I finished my other work, but my mom showed up and we talked for an hour and a half. She has never been to my work before; it was really strange! All week I felt like I had no idea what I was talking about in my sermon. Even last night I kinda just gave it to God and prayed that He would speak through me. Today at church, the 3 kids in our church that are preschool age or younger were being the loudest they have ever been and even running in the aisles. It was crazy! I kept trying to talk louder and louder. Finally, I had enough of this struggle to preach. I stopped the service and told everyone that I seriously thought that Satan did not want this sermon preached and that I was going to pray. I even said, and it’s true, that I don’t say that lightly. Satan is not behind every bad thing in life, but I truly believe he was behind this confusion this week. So I rebuked Satan and prayed for God’s protection and help. The kids were still loud, but Chris said that the attitude changed and my sermon was better after that. Thank you, God!!! To top the week off, when I went to put my sermon on the blog, it took me about an hour to copy and paste it right! It was crazy!

What I really cant figure out, is why Satan would care that much. Sure, the Sabbath is important to keep, but most likely the people that needed to hear my sermon, weren’t even at church! What did he have to gain?

Well, to give you a better idea of what I was trying to say about the Sabbath, here is a synopsis:

I believe that the Sabbath is still applicable today, but it has a different look. It doesn’t mean that we sit around all day doing nothing. It doesn’t even mean we don’t work. I believe our Sabbath should be a day to focus on God instead of ourselves. That may mean that we intercede for others (helping to heal others); it may mean cooking a meal for someone and ministering to them (blessing or serving others); it may mean we spend the day contemplating our wonderful God (worshiping God). Whatever we do, it should focus us on God. If something we do doesn’t focus us on God, maybe we shouldn’t do it. No matter what, though, we can’t let ourselves get legalistic about the Sabbath. Then it turns into something we have to do and we cannot focus on God anymore. So, take a day to focus on God. You’ll find that it enriches your life and brings you closer to God.