Last summer I finished losing a lot of extra weight I had gained from my two pregnancies. I was in a program called MPS Weight Loss and Wellness. I did really well on the program, which was partly due to the fact that I am still young and my metabolism bounced back more quickly and fully than most participants.

The program costs a pretty penny, but I thought it was more than worth it (mind you I haven’t finished paying for it yet, but that is because of extenuating circumstances-I can’t wait to pay the bill off). So what’s so great about the program? They teach you, through weekly classes, why you eat badly and why you need to eat better. They do a metabolic profile on you and then tell you exactly which kinds of food make you, personally, gain weight. I have, and will continue to, recommend the program to everyone. I had to stop eating sugar, refined starches (like white flour) and caffeine. I will never go back to refined starches except for the occasional dessert. And pop is WAY to sugary for me now. The hard part for me is the sugar. I think every one of my teeth are sweet teeth!

It continues to be a daily effort to eat right, but it is and will be worth it. The first six weeks you aren’t allowed any “comfort foods”, but after that you can eat whatever you want once a week (one meal or the equivalent – NOT all day!). I even got into the newspaper because of my 65 pound weight loss! I found the article today and thought I would post it. Please, take time to read my portion of the advertisement. It explains my motivation behind losing the weight.Newspaper Advertisement

P.S. There is no longer a website for the Sebewaing and Bay City MPS (that I know of or could find). However, this link will take you to a listing with the address, phone number and directions to the Sebewaing MPS. It also has a link to Dr. Cheryl Canfield who is the owner.