Some Random WoodsI’ve been feeling rather dry and out of it spiritually the last couple of weeks. I got that cold and wasn’t feeling up to par physically and it just seemed to run over into my spiritual life. I haven’t been doing the normal amount of reading and praying for a couple of weeks and that always makes me feel like this. Also, Chris got a new computer. Our first Apple. We’ve both been especially obsessed with our computers this past week. We have been playing games online in competition with each other.

I told Chris about how I was feeling, just today at lunch. He suggested that I go walk in the woods somewhere. It was a great suggestion; I only had to find some woods that I could walk in. I managed to find some. There weren’t any “No Trespassing” signs, so I went for it. It’s so hard to find a good quiet place out in nature nowadays. Everyone is afraid of everyone else and afraid someone will sue them. I was careful to leave everything the same; I just took some time to stroll with God through His magnificent creation. I saw a deer blind at one point and while I don’t think it’s deer hunting season yet (I don’t really keep up with such things), I was glad I was wearing a very brightly striped t-shirt. I got away from the deer blind, too. I really didn’t want to be shot, but it was pretty quiet.

I enjoyed my time with God today. I didn’t really actively pray either. It was more like basking in His awesomeness. 🙂 I like that sentence! Yesterday our District hosted a prayer meeting at the campgrounds. I was really excited to go, but I couldn’t get a babysitter, so Chris went without me. I was really bummed. I knew I needed some time with God, but I guess today made up for it. And the woods were very nice. They reminded me of when I was kid and my grandpa would take my brother and I out to pick blueberries. Those were always the best blueberries! There weren’t any blueberries today, but I could see the leftover grapes that had dropped to the ground. There were grapevines hanging on the trees. It was very pretty.

I am preaching again this week. I got a start on my sermon this afternoon. I am preaching on Luke 17:5-10. I’m still working out what the first part means to the second part. Hopefully, I will figure it out and post something Wednesday or Thursday.

One more thought: A friend of mine is paying the gas and hotel to go to Chicago with her and two others (actually my mom and sister-in-law). It will be at the end of October. I’m very excited, especially since it’s the weekend after my birthday, but I am praying that the money will be there for me to afford my food and fun. Our tight finances can be so frustrating sometimes, but I know that if it is God’s will, He will provide the means. Thanks, God, in advance.

I realize that this post is rather random, but it has helped me to put all my thoughts down. If you are still with me, thanks for reading!