I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately. I really like hearing other people’s perspectives on things. I started using Google Reader about a week ago and now I am subscribed to 39 blogs! That’s crazy! They range from design to parenting to ministry topics. Tonight I read a really great post by Dr. Beth Grant on the FutureAG blog. I love the whole post, but I’ll just give you an excerpt and a link.


grant_01.jpgMy definition of godly leadership has been most shaped by the model of Jesus, servant leader, and by ministering for 30 years in very different cultures. As I pray about the future of the Assemblies of God and feel a personal sense of responsibility to be the kind of minister-leader we want “AG leadership” to be, I would love to be known for the following:

1) Like Jesus, let’s be a friend of sinners. I pray the Assemblies of God will be known as a church in which people without God are welcome on their spiritual journeys.Why are we surprised when people without Jesus live like sinners?We have tried to teach our daughters as they were growing up to genuinely care about teachers and classmates that were broken people and who were far from God. We wanted troubled young people to be welcome in our home around our kitchen table after school. Brokenness and messy lives are the natural outcome of lives without a Savior. Jesus died for those in sin, and our hearts as His people should reflect that love. It means befriending them and weeping over them rather than avoiding them. (It’s hard to lead people to Jesus & disciple them unless we as allow them to be close to us.) More…