Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day Today is Blog Action Day! So, I am writing a post about the environment. I don’t usually have too much to say about the environment, but about 2 weeks ago when I took my trek through some local woods, I was disgusted by their state! I wish I’d had my camera with me. There were piles of rusted metal, bottles, a tire and various other trash. The woods were beautiful other than that. I was enjoying God’s beauty that day and didn’t let the trash spoil that, but it wasn’t pretty. Afterwards, as I reflected on my trek, I felt sad that people would treat God’s wonderful creation like that. There are so few places in the world to see God’s creation untouched. I doubt that I have ever even been close to an untouched part of the world. By untouched, I mean not trashed or cut down or otherwise molested.

Garden of Eden
The view from the inner end of Deer Cave, National Mulu Park, Borneo.
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What do you think it was like for Adam and Eve when they were given the Garden of Eden. I’ve always wished that I could time travel backwards and see it. I think that the most beautiful place I’ve ever been (I haven’t been that many places) is the Philippines. There was beautiful sand, water, a volcano; a tropical paradise! It must be nothing compared to what the Garden of Eden looked like! I imagine it had a wonderful wild beauty to it. A beauty that was as yet untamed in any way. Doesn’t it sound wonderful? It does to me.

Let’s stop throwing trash into the environment. There is a person here in town that likes to put out his tiny bit of trash with a huge sign that says something like, “Look! Only one bag of trash. You could have only one bag, too, if you would recycle.” He’s got a point. We could all cut down on the trash that goes into the environment. I had to stop buying styrofoam plates, even though it makes more dishes. What can you do to help? Just a little thing done by many people can have a big effect.