Yesterday I had to go to the doctor both for myself and Little Man. In the process, they checked my weight. It was not pretty! I don’t think anyone can tell yet, but I have gained back 20 pounds! I can definitely tell. I expected the extra 20 pounds, actually.

I have been having a hard time getting motivated to eat right. The problem is that I love sugar! I’m addicted! Really, really addicted. Besides that, my birthday is in a week, and I want to enjoy it. The day after that, I am going to Chicago with some family and a friend and I don’t want to worry about food then. I also want to enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year’s.

So, here is my Pros and Cons of eating right list:


  • More Energy
  • Get More Done In a Day
  • Less Fat
  • Fit into Clothes
  • Sick Less Often
  • Cranky Less Often
  • Happier
  • Less Chance of Dying Young
  • More Fun to the Kids (because I have energy)


  • Can’t Eat Sweets Whenever I Want
  • Will Feel Guilty For Indulging on My Birthday
  • Will Feel Guilty Not Eating Right on Trip to Chicago

Well, I guess the pros outweigh the cons! And I already feel guilty, so that’s kind of null, too. So, tomorrow I start eating right (how I was taught in my very expensive, but worth it, classes)!