ElaineCan you guess how old I am from the picture? Post a comment. I promise I won’t be offended, no matter what you say. I’m getting old! Ha Ha. I bet most of you will never guess my age.

Most people think I’m still in high school, or at least college. I know that I’ll appreciate that when I am 50 and look 40, but right now, I’d rather look my age.

Tonight, as a birthday gift from a friend, I will stay with my mom so that I can leave for Chicago at 6 a.m. tomorrow morning with my friend, Tricia, my mom and my sister-in-law, Mackenzie. We like to take trips to Chicago together. I think this is our second all together, but I also met my mom there one year.

That was a crazy trip! Princess was only 6 months old and I decided to take her because my mom wanted to see her. I took the train and I was worried that if I fell asleep, someone would take P, so I had her in one of those baby backpacks. She was attached to me almost the whole way. I think it was over a 12 hour trip from Nebraska to Chicago (plus 12 more on the way back). I’ve got a great picture of our trip, but right now, I’m at work. Maybe I’ll add it later, though.More...

So, I’m looking forward to exploring Chicago. My favorite spots, so far, are the Museum of Contemporary Art (on free Tuesdays), Ed Debevics, the Magnificent Mile and the American Girl store (I can’t wait until P is old enough for me to trust her with a $100 doll so I can buy her one-I do plan on splurging). Remember, I live in a very rural area. So those stores are exciting when I get to go to them.

So my plan for the day is to finish working, and then go pick up my family at the coffee shop in our church basement. I will open my gifts there (yay!), then we will go out to eat. After that, my hubby has to take me to Bay City to drop me off.

I will be taking the MacBook with me, but I’m not sure I’ll actually get around to posting or anything, so you may not hear from me for a few days. I’ll be back late Saturday night.

*If you were trying to read this right after I posted, WordPress was being spazy, so I apologize for the confusion.

Update: Did you guys look? You all are right on. I turned 28 yesterday. Thanks for the comments and greetings! It was a great day and I’m having a great trip!