While I was away in Chicago, something very interesting happened. I was with my mom, SIL (Mackenzie), and a friend (TR). I stayed at my mom’s house on Wednesday night so that I didn’t have to get up so early on Thursday. Thursday morning, when we went to meet Mac and TR, my mom’s car wouldn’t start. She decided to plug in a charger. None of the four of us knew that you should not leave it plugged in that long or we wouldn’t have plugged it in before leaving for 3 days. But, Mac picked us up and away we went. We had a lot of adventures, to say the least. But on Saturday morning, while we were at Crate and Barrel, our last shopping stop before heading back, Mac got a call from one of her bosses that my mom also works with. They are all friends, too. He told Mac that my moms car had exploded. Yes, that is what he said and he was very serious. Mac told TR and I and we decided that we shouldn’t tell my mom until she was sitting down. So, when we all got back to the car, we told her. She had a special attachment to the Bethmobile even thought it was old and various things were not working right. There was definitely a grieving process going on as we drive home. And there were still so many things we didn’t know about what happened.

When we were about an hour and a half from home, we found out a little more. The car hadn’t really exploded; more like caught fire. Of course, that’s pretty bad, too! She was told that there was no interior or front, but that the back end was still intact. We also found out that even though we had left it for the weekend, it had only taken 40 minutes to catch fire! We left the house at about 6:15 a.m. and this happened Thursday morning at 7 a.m. We don’t yet know what happened, but we figure that the charger, being old, was the problem. It made us all feel better knowing that at least our ignorance wasn’t the cause.

I lent my  camera to my mom to take pictures. We got in too late to really see much. But I plan on posting the pics when I get them. This is one of those things that you really don’t expect to happen to you or your family.

It makes a person grateful for God’s hand, too. We could have been trying to start the car when this happened and then we would probably be toast! The what-ifs are really scary, but God’s protection is really great. Plus, my mom’s friends and bosses are working to get her a car, which shows her how much she is loved. Who doesn’t need to see that every so often?