After the last few days, I think it is time for something a little lighter. So here are some pictures from Halloween.

halloween-2010.jpgAnother bit of information: I never went trick-or-treating until my daughter was born. My parents were very adamant that Halloween was not a holiday that should be celebrated as a Christian. We would rent a movie, go to the farthest corner of the house, turn off all the lights and watch our movie. My brother and I always left school early when we had Halloween parties at school, too. Chris grew up this same way, too. My feelings are this: I don’t like the holiday, I don’t like most of the costumes and I feel weird taking my kids trick-or-treating. But, Chris wants to be involved with the community aspect of it and the people in our church (which is really surprising to the hubby and I, being Assembly of God as we are) want us to be involved and no one has any problems with it. So, we take the opportunity to hand out candy and something beneficial to the kids. Each year is different. One year Chris designed a cute little booklet about light in the darkness. This year we handed out Today’s Pentecostal Evangel: Children’s Edition. We like getting to see our neighbors for one night out of the year. The last couple of years, Chris has had a fire going in our fire pit for the parents to warm up for a moment. Plus, we are always given our candy to hand out by someone in our congregation. Hard to refuse that, but we would if we felt we should. We don’t feel we should, though. And we are grateful for free candy!

halloween-2008.jpgWe don’t have to dress our kids up, but there are many in our church who look forward to seeing them. We have personal guidelines for costumes, though. They can’t be scary, obscene, immodest or anything crazy like that. We also do not decorate for Halloween. I go with a Fall theme for my decorations. For example, we have window clings that are leaves. So, while I don’t like the holiday and feel weird being outside a dark bedroom during it, I get involved so that we can be a light in the darkness. At least it gives our community a chance to meet us so that if they ever decide they need something, they can feel at ease about asking us. That is what we are here for, after all.

Now to describe the pictures: Princess is, what else, a princess! I’m pretty proud of that hat I made it myself with some poster board and tulle. Little Man is a race car driver. He just loves the movie Cars and anything with wheels attached! We don’t know where that obsession came from and he definitely didn’t get it from either of us.