Since my experience at my interview last week, I’ve had a lot harder time writing. I don’t want to leave anything out of my writing and I don’t want to come across differently than I mean. That experience has made me nervous that it will happen again. And in my desire to be clear, I tend to jump to agree with everyone now! That’s not right either! In making one person happy, it’s easy to offend another. I know that I need to just relax and let God guide my thoughts and fingers as I type, but I am struggling with it.

On top of that I am adding back some medicine and any changes make my thought processes incomplete.  I feel like a bubble-headed idiot right now! So, I apologize in advance for anything stupid I might write or have written. Please feel free to call my attention to anything. I want to make myself as clear as I can. I just feel like there is mud in my brain right now and that’s what’s coming out.