Conte Del GraalFor the past few months, I’ve known that I would be leading the congregation in communion the next time I didn’t preach on the Sunday we have it each month. But, both the hubby and I kept forgetting that I was supposed to do it. I asked to wait because I wanted to be extra prepared the first time I did it. I’ve taken communion and heard it done for years, but it’s always different when you have to do it yourself.

I think it was last night as we were falling asleep that I remember and chided him for not reminding me. Of course, it was my fault, too. This morning as we were driving to church, he asked me if I would do it. I said, “no!” I wasn’t ready. He said, “Well, I have it all ready. You could read it before service.” I just glared at him. That was all I figured I needed to say. It was pretty clearly a glare. At least I thought it was. We got to the church and the basement, where hubby does a coffee shop for school kids, was a mess from the concert on Friday night. The people in the church would have been upset if they had seen it, so I went to work. People were already upstairs when I stopped at not perfect, but good enough.

Well, service started and everything went normal until the end. When hubby asks from the pulpit, “Elaine, will you please come and do communion?” I was not happy! What could I say though? Especially in front of everybody. His excuse was my lack of response in the car. Apparently my glare was not mean enough! And he said he couldn’t read my face when he was about to ask at the end of the service. My look at that point was, “He’s gonna ask me. No, he wouldn’t dare.” Boy was I wrong!

Well, he says I did fine. I beg to differ. He did have it all typed out, but I still wasn’t mentally or spiritually prepared. I know I should be spiritually prepared for anything, anytime, but I wasn’t today. That makes me sad, really. I was so nervous and uncomfortable, I tell you! I wasn’t really dressed for it either. I would have preferred to have been wearing a dress instead of just slacks.

Picture credit: drp on Flickr