Harvest festival last night was really great! We had 10 from our church. Last year we had a record with 6 and so with 10 this year that makes it a 40% increase. How many churches can say that? The testimony time was really encouraging. A man, T, from our church gave a testimony about the healing power of God and how he feels our church is a healing one. He had come that night with hiccups that he’d had for 5 days! And they stopped during the other testimonies! Praise God! We were very blessed by his testimony.

We were also very blessed by the groceries. I took some pictures of our pile. Have a look:



I’m buried in groceries. How wonderful!!!


Here is an artsy one that I took:


And last, but definitely not least, I have a funny one.


I’m sorry, but if you have to say on your packaging that it’s for people, there really is a problem with your packaging. Am I right? I think so!

When we got home, I was flying high on God’s love. Someone also told the hubby about a vision he had of our church breaking from the old and sailing into the new. That was really great news and it was confirmation of what we already felt was happening.