What are you most thankful for this year?

I am thankful for so many things that I have a hard time trying to narrow it down. I am thankful for seeing God working in my kids. Even at 3 and 4, He uses them to bless others. They especially bless me when I see them understand something new about God. When I see that light go on in their heads, it’s amazing. The other day Princess was pretending that her friends were chasing her trying to kill her. She has a fascination with killing, but I hear that’s kind of normal at this age. It’s still alarming, though. Anyways, she was running away from them and then she turned around and killed them.

At dinner that night, Hubby said, “You know Ella, Jesus told us to love our enemies.” We had to explain what an enemy was, but then she looked at Hubby with these big eyes. Her look said, “Are you crazy daddy?” I told her that instead of turning around and killing her friends turned enemies, she should have turned around and hugged them. She was taken aback by that and I think she is still thinking through it. When she processes it all, I know she will come back and say something really profound. I can’t wait to hear it.
I really hope that maybe that will curb her fascination with killing, too. She really does try hard to be like Jesus would want. It’s just amazing to me how clearly you can see God working in a child. They start life without so many of the things that clog up our view of God as adults. It’s refreshing to see such simple love and adoration of God.

I’m thankful for so much more, but today my thoughts are on how great my kids are.

What are you most thankful for? Leave me a comment.