This Saturday one of the men  in our congregation is getting married. Early last week, Monday or Tuesday, he showed up at our front door saying he wanted to get married the day after Thanksgiving. Hubby didn’t think he could get a marriage license that fast and he was right. So it’s this coming weekend. They are both so excited to get married. It’s a surprise to everyone, but they are all happy for him.

I am the official wedding decorator. I am having fun getting everything ready. The colors are beige and lavender. My brother and sister-in-law used lavender, too, so I still have things I can use from their wedding. I made topiaries for their wedding and I plan on reusing those. This is a nice diversion from the usual things I do for the church. Something a little more fun! Weddings are such happy days!

We have also volunteered our kids to be flower girl and ring bearer. I will also take pictures for them. I’m looking forward to it even though it will be a lot of extra work. Like I said, it’s fun work!