I AM still alive. I miss blogging, but I have been so busy and so internet-less. We are set to get our internet fixed on January 3rd! Not much longer!

I’ve had a great Christmas. My family came on Christmas Eve and Chris made ham! Yay! We went to some friends’ house for Christmas brunch. Chris’ family came the day after Christmas. They will be here until tomorrow after lunch. On New Year’s Eve, we are going to visit my cousin and her family.

On January 4th, Chris leaves to go for 8 days to L.A. for his class. That will be the longest I’ve ever had the kids all alone! I’m a little worried. He’s much better than I am at being home alone with the kids. I’ve had them for one weekend alone, but 8 days is a lot longer. I hate to cook and I always need time to myself to stay sane. God will have to help me! I know he will! 😀 I sure will miss Chris!

Chris got me a great Christmas present, but I’ll save that for another post. I hope you are all enjoying your holidays!