My friend, Mary Beth Bradshaw sent an e-mail with her blog post this morning about a contest to get a scholarship to the She Speaks conference. At first, I thought that I wouldn’t mind going, but that I probably could not write a convincing post about why I should recieve the scholarship.

My husband also received her e-mail, though, and asked me about it. And if he thinks something is a good idea, I usually re-evaluate. In the process of re-evaluating I read more about it. I think it would be a great conference to go to. I really need help with the delivery of my sermons and they have speaker evaluation sessions. 10-12 women evaluate you on (quoted from their website):

Introduction: How well did you open? Did it capture the attention of the audience?

Message: How well did you develop your subject? (Example: with story or knowledge of subject)

Support Material: Your use of support, such as Scripture, quotes, references, etc. Did you read from the Bible, a book, etc?

Style: How well is your use of grammar, volume and ability to speak clearly?

Conclusion: Did you build to a climax, end strong, and get your point across?

Delivery: Did you make eye contact, connect with the audience, and show passion about your subject?

Physical Appearance: Were you dressed professionally and appropriately? Were you sincere, believable, warm, and effective, etc?

This is exactly what I need. They also have a blogging track and a women’s ministry track. I would love to know how to get the women in my church motivated to spend some time together. And I would also love to be a better blogger. There have really been some many things that I have come to desire improvement on lately.

Unfortunately, I found out too late to get in on the scholarship. So, if anyone wants to donate $525 for me to go, just let me know! 😉 It would be so fun to road trip it with May Beth! I hope that Mary Beth wins. But, I’m sure that God has His hand in who will win. I pray that it is the person who will benefit most from it.