A friend of mine just asked me to recommend great places to go to in the Twin Cities. I thought I might as well share those same suggestions with the rest of the world. I’ll add to them as I think of more, but here are a few:


  • Pizza place: Red’s Savoy Pizza at 421 7th St E, St Paul, MN 55101. My husband swears it’s the best pizza anywhere. It is also a bar, just to warn you.
  • Greek: Christos on 2632 Nicollet Ave
  • New Orleans: Copeland’s: Expensive, but delicious. In the City Center Downtown on Hennepin.
  • Cafe di Napoli: 610 Marquette Ave. S., Minneapolis. Great Italian food. I’ve never been to the newly reopened one, but we used to go to the old one and the food was great!



  • Skip the Mall of America! No one who lives there goes because they repeat stores and it’s so hard to get in and out of!
  • Just walk around downtown and shop on Nicollet Avenue and 8th Street. Lots of great stores and malls and lots of fun!


  • Minnihaha Falls (another friend reminded me of this): I’ve never actually been, but I hear it’s really great!
  • Como Park Zoo: 1225 Estabrook Drive, Saint Paul, MN 55103 Free and free parking, donations are appreciated, though. There is also a conservatory.