Yesterday, I was rather down in the dumps after being sick. I got the flu this week. It started Monday night. I’m still feeling really tired from it. When I get sick and am stuck in the house, my depression gets worse, so I needed to get out yesterday. We went to Bay City for dinner at Big Boy and then we walked around the mall. I think that was the first time we all walked. In other words, we didn’t bring a stroller or use a cart. We made the kids walk. And we did have to make them. They didn’t like the idea of walking.

Anyway, we had fun and at about 8:45 we decided to get everyone’s hair cut. It was kind of late for the kids, but it was nice. It is a good thing they don’t have preschool on Fridays, though. We were all in desperate need of haircuts. I needed a trim really badly, but I have also been thinking about a change, so I got layers! I’ve never had layers before. At least never on purpose. Here is my new haircut:


What do you think? It looks really great in the picture because they styled it, too. I hope I can make it look that good on my own. I’m kind of lazy with my beauty habits. I think that I am confident enough in myself and my appearance (what God gave me) that I don’t see the need to spend forever getting ready in the morning. I’m already beautiful. I hope you understand the spirit I say that in. God sees all of us as perfect already. So, we’ll see if I take the time to do my hair like this every day.

Don’t forget, God thinks YOU are beautiful!