We had a great district council this year. We were miraculously provided for. I was miraculously healed of an ear infection and sore throat. You can read about our provision on my hubby’s blog. He did a great job of writing about it, so there is no reason for me to rewrite it. So, check out Adventures in Asceticism. He’s written some other great posts about District Council as well. I will just add that generally, our church pays for all or most of our expenses. That has been a wonderful gift in the past, but this year was especially tight, so we took donations, but not even an official love offering. I was amazed at the amount we got that way, but it still wasn’t enough. Our personal finances have been really tight the past month as well, so we weren’t in a great place when we left.

Now, as for my healing, I get to tell that story! Sunday, Princess was complaining of a sore throat. I thought, “oh, great, we’ll all be sick by the end of the week!” I wasn’t wrong. 😦 I tend to stress out when we are going somewhere. I don’t want to forget anything and I have to pack nearly everything. I make Chris pack his own clothes is all. So, I usually do get sick at the start of a trip. I think I run down my immune system or something. Anyways, I got it Sunday night. My throat hurt just a little. I thought maybe I wouldn’t get the full-blown thing. But, I did. Monday morning, I was croaking out my sentences. Monday afternoon, my in-laws met us at the campground and we handed off the kids. We went to dinner and shopping with them, but the kids were stuck to grandma and grandpa. Monday night they slept on their bus while we slept in our hotel room.

Tuesday morning we headed off to DC (District Council). My head hurt and my throat was killing me, but it was still manageable. So we went to the ordination luncheon and the banquet that night. At the banquet, my ears started hurting. I didn’t even tell Chris because I was hoping it wouldn’t be anything. We went to the house that was lent to us. It was great by the way! What fun! At 2 a.m. I awoke with terrible ear pain. I went in search of a phone book to see about a hospital. I couldn’t take it. I finally found one and located a couple of hospitals. The one looked pretty close. It was late (or early) so my getting there took some driving back and forth, but I finally found it. It wasn’t that close really. But beyond that, the sign said, “No Emergency Service.” What!?! I was astounded. The place was dark. So I was contemplating whether I should check out the other hospital. I really wanted some meds. I thought that the sooner I got them the sooner I would feel better. But I felt like God was leading me home.

I finally submitted. But I told God, ” Ok, fine, I’ll go back. But, God, please, you’ve gotta take this pain away.” I’d already been praying pretty hard through all the driving and Chris had prayed before bed and before I left. He thought I was crazy to leave. Maybe I was, but I don’t think so. Anyways, right then, I felt my ear pop and the pain dissipate! It was amazing! He healed that ear infection right up. And I know it was an infection because I’ve just had one recently. This one was worse than that one, but felt basically the same. It was definitely God! And because of the timing, I know that.

I was elated. But of course, I quickly prayed that he would heal my throat pain, too. I guess it wasn’t the right time. I got back to bed at 4 a.m. We woke and got ready for the morning service and went on Wednesday. At the morning service, during worship, I again prayed for my throat and I added my running nose, too. That was out of vanity, though. I get a bright red nose when I start wiping it. It’s awful looking and I knew we would have pictures Thursday for our ordination. He healed my throat, right then! I could feel the rough scratchy surface be like smoothed back into place and my throat didn’t hurt after that. I should tell you that I was reclaiming each healing. I don’t think Satan wanted me to believe, but I refused not to. I would feel a pang to my ear and throat, but I would think, “God healed me. I don’t have that pain anymore.” Then it would stop.

Again, I prayed for my nose to stop running, but I wasn’t really surprised that He didn’t heal that. I was just being vain. I was incredibly blessed that he healed the things causing me real pain. I will never forget that.

Through all of this, we only missed one service. Sick as I was. We missed one we love, but we needed to go back to the house to eat anyway and we would have been really late getting back with the longish drive to the house and the rush hour traffic. I think it was good that we stayed home and rested. We made some phone calls, had spaghetti for dinner and I took a nice warm, long bath in the big bath tub. It was great. I felt a lot better on Thursday morning. I would have been so tired otherwise.

It was a great week. Little Man did get sick, too. We are both still recovering, but Princess is fine now and Hubby always seems to avoid getting sick. He must have a great immune system.

Well, I have more to tell, but I’ll tell it in another post. I have pictures, too! I will be scrapping an ordination page when I get pictures from the in-laws as well.