Well, today I did something stupid. It happens all too often really. So to start the story off, I must tell you that I have a pet peeve. When I use a ruler, I like to line the edge up against the edge of the thing I’m measuring, say the edge of the paper. It may be “proper” to have extra space at the end of the ruler (I don’t know) but, I despise rulers that don’t start at the end. You know they have like 1/4 inch space before the measurements actually begin. Am I even making sense?

So anyways, the kids got free rulers from a field trip and they were ones you can color. Yesterday, between doing things on the internet, I was coloring one of them, but that stupid space was bugging me! So this morning, I decided to cut the ends of the ruler off with an Exacto knife. You probably get where this is going now…

I did indeed cut my finger. I do stupid stuff like this all the time, but this time was much more serious. It was bleeding profusely and wouldn’t stop and from looking at the knife, I knew I had cut like a 1/4 inch into my finger! Ouch! The cut was like 3/4 inches long, too.

The Ruler and my BandageSo, we just got back from the hospital. While there, I realized that this was all the hospital’s fault! lol! It was their ruler!!! It has their name and logo on it! That makes it their fault, right??? lol! How ironic! The nurse was so flabbergasted at my stupidity which just made me feel more stupid than ever. On top of that, I have this huge bandage on it until tomorrow and I can’t get it wet. I don’t like the bandage (it’s taking me forever to type this), but I don’t mind not having to do dishes!

And Princess is going to be so bummed she missed the hospital ans seeing me get sewn up. She loves the hospital! Weird girl!!!

So, that’s Elaine’s stupid action of the day! The picture is my bandaged hand holding the unfinished end of the ruler. My camera doesn’t take great close-up shots, but you get the idea. And the ruler isn’t done. One end is only half cut. I think I will have to throw it away so I’m not tempted to continue cutting it!