What a lent I had this year! It was a great, yet difficult learning experience. I finally realized just how much my constant computer use was effecting both my family and myself. Even now I am being careful of the time I spend on it. If I am engaged in a discipline (as my hubby puts it) then I can work on it during the day. All e-mail and “surfing” is now relegated to the hour after the kids go to bed. If i’m on during the day, I’m going to focus on just the one thing I got on to do. That should help me be more productive as well.

I have gotten a lot more things accomplished these past few weeks. I got about half of my kitchen cupboards painted. I can’t wait to get them done, but with my back problems, I have to take it really slowly. I’ll get it done eventually. I’ve also had a lot more fun with my kids. We have done more crafty things and more cuddling. I have worked to help Princess feel more loved in general. She needs lots of love, just like me. She wasn’t getting much from me before.

The kids were used by God to show me my obsession. They kept telling Chris and I how unhealthy we were always being while on our computers. My mom’s computer recently broke and now she has Chris’ computer on loan. So that should also help me use mine less. Chris has a good reason to use the computer with his classes. He is almost done with his masters! He’s graduating on May 15th. Strangely, his last class isn’t done until the end of May, though.

We had a great Easter yesterday and now it is spring break for the kids. I’m super excited for tomorrow because Chris has to go on his last retreat for his masters. Quarterly retreats are one of the requirements. He’s taking me along for a romantic retreat! We so rarely get any time alone! My mom is babysitting the kids which should be nice for everyone. We are going to go to a bed and breakfast we went to our first Christmas together. We’ve tried to make the plans, but with the holiday, they aren’t quite set in stone yet. We have several backup plans, though. So, we leave tomorrow one way or another. I CANNOT wait!!!

Well, I feel kind of rambly, but I wanted to get something down while I felt like writing. Now I need to make sure this gets posted to Twitter and then Facebook. Then I’m off for the day!