Informationism is a concern for Christians because it causes us to replace God and His work with technology and the promises it makes to us. I have, personally, let this happen.

Last year, I realized that I was addicted to “surfing” the internet. I was on my computer or my iPod Touch all day long. I rejoiced in being ahead of everyone else in internet “knowledge”.

My children could not speak to me without my eyes continually straying to the computer on my lap. When I realized what was happening and fasted from my computer and iPod, I went through a withdrawal period that scared me. It was obvious that I cared more for the internet than my family. Once I got to the other side of the withdrawal symptoms, it was like the world had become more vibrant and alive.

What Postman and Winner say about technology and information also strikes home with me. My adoption of technological devices went too far. I gave up the joy of laughter with my children and the joy of a pleasant and clean home. I also gave up a real knowledge of my family. I was disseminating them like I did the internet. Of course, with my addiction in continual check, I have gained the ability to learn via this program. I don’t believe I would have ever gone to school in a traditional setting again.

Progress is always a two-sided sword. As Postman states, there are always winners and losers. It is hard for me to say that it hasn’t made the world a better place in that I do not want to wash my clothes in tub of water outside, for example. But morally, I think that all of this technology has contributed to a decline. People do not see a need for relying on God any more. After all, they have machines to take care of them.