I am a visual learner, more non-verbal than verbal. I love doodling while learning and using color to assist myself in bringing a “mental picture” of the information to mind.

I was recently introduced to Praying in Color. Before practicing this, I would try to pray, but fail to concentrate for more than 5 minutes and give up or fall asleep.  Now I keep my hands busy with coloring and am able to focus my mind on God.

I also try to doodle or take notes during sermons. While doing something else, I am able to focus my mind better. This must be partly due to my kinesthetic bent, as well. Writing helps my brain to remember important facts without even looking back at my notes in many cases.

I think that having the strong styles that I do will help me immensely in this program. There will be very little auditory information in most cases. It seems that most information will be gleaned from reading (which I can highlight in many pretty colors), writing in response and reflection, and other media that will include PowerPoint presentations.

There are, however, the weekly podcasts to consider. I have already found myself starting to lose attention during these podcast even when they have been so short. I will have to make (and I have been) a concerted effort at those times, to focus on what is being said. After learning and confirming what I have from this inventory, I know taking notes or even doodling while listening to the podcasts and any other auditory lesson information is beneficial.