What a week! I say that in a good way! I enjoyed learning about library research. I have very little experience, but I have always been intrigued by libraries and their unknown treasures. Now I get to learn how to find the treasure!

Professor Davis has been a great addition to this course, in my opinion. She is so friendly and helpful. She has the perfect librarian personality. I look forward to continuing to learn from her.

I have been struggling this week to get my work done. I thought that I was beginning to get a schedule down, but this week has proved that idea to be wrong.

I have struggled every step of the way this week. I believe that part of the problem is my kids being out of school so much. They had two days off for President’s Day and Ella was sick on Wednesday. This is just a continuation of the past several weeks. I am in a completely different frame of mind when they are around. I am having difficulty getting past their presence so that I can work. This concerns me when I think about the summer term coming up.

Another distraction has been the many doctor appointments I have had lately. I tend to save up my medical troubles and then attack them all at once. This is not good time management in the long run!

It has also been overcast recently. With my SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) I struggle to stay afloat when it is dark outside.

We also had a busy week of activities at the school. It was Spirit Week and the kids dressed up for it. That took extra effort each morning. Foster had an after-school activity this week, as well.

All of these have contributed to my unfocused week. The biggest issue has been less prayer time, though. That is unacceptable. I need to take myself in hand and get to work. I am focusing on my struggles in this post in the hopes that writing my ideas down will help me to learn from them and move past them. I still need to get a schedule down on paper, as well. It is not helping me just being in my head. I suppose I might as well do it now!

General School Schedule for Both Classes:

Sunday:      Begin Reading Module
Watch Podcast(s)
Monday:     Finish Module and Texts
Confirm Podcast and Summary Posts
Write Initial Posts
Tuesday:    Reply to any Replies
Reply to Two Classmates’ Posts
Begin Reading Texts for Next Week
Wednesday: Take Quiz
Continue Replying
Continue Reading Texts
Thursday:   Watch for Summarizing Post
Continue Reading Texts
Friday:        Post to Summarizing Post(s)
Write Blog & Journal Posts
Saturday:    Finish Blog & Journal Posts if Needed
Check to Make Sure Requirements are Complete
Sunday:      Begin Again