The technology that I want to focus on for my technology plan assignment is my iPod Touch. It has capabilities for internet, e-mail, twitter, apps and music. I can begin to see how it is biased toward taking over lives.
From my technology fasts, I know that my iPod is my most missed technology. I miss my calendar, e-mail, Words with Friends and music. However, it takes up my in-between moments with its noise. It would be much more productive to fill my in-between moments with prayer and thoughts relating to God. I was much more contemplative this week without my iPod.
Some quotes and sources that I found useful are listed below.

“If we are able to disconnect ourselves from the stream of noise transmitted by most information and communication technologies, then we should be positioned to receive the gifts of pause, perspective, people, peace, and prayer from God and others (Miller, 2004).” (Lawson, 2011a)
“Technology promises to enrich our lives, as well as to liberate us from tedious labor, but it often leads to relational disintegration, the denial of traditional religious world and life views, and increasing levels of boredom, even in our culture of entertainment (Hogue, 2007).” (Lawson, 2011a)
“Knowing—being intimate—inherently requires duration.” (Schultze, 2002, p. 57)
“Moderation admits that both excessive and insufficient messaging lack virtue.” (Schultze, 2002, p.55)
“When we message too much, we begin to lose intimacy with others, the nature world, the Creator, and even ourselves” (Schultze, 2002, p. 48).
“ Richard Winter… states that our technology use may be a contributing cause of boredom (Still Bored in a Culture of Entertainment, 2002)…. He also argues that boredom often leads to a condition known as the “deadness of the soul,” that is, a lack of passion for life.” (Lawson, 2011b)

I am also including sources cited by others for later research.
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