ElaineI am a minister (associate pastor) and a pastor’s wife (both at an Assemblies of God church), a stay-at-home mom of two preschoolers, and a part-time church secretary (at a United Methodist church). I grew up as a pastor’s kid in Assembly of God churches, just as my hubby did. I enjoy graphic design and spending all day on the internet. 🙂

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8 Responses to “About”

  1. On behalf of Jennifer Rothschild, a big shout out goes to you for mentioning Jennifer’s book on your blog. Great stuff. Hope you enjoy the remainder of it. Just wanted you to know we read your blog and appreciate it.
    Philip and Jennifer Rothschild

  2. ~Sharon~ Says:

    Hi! Nice to meet a fellow A/G pastor’s wife!

    I wanted to let you know about the new Assembly of God Blog Ring. I started it up a few weeks ago, and would love for you to join!

    You can find more information at:

    Many blessings to you and your husband as you minister.

  3. Kievas Fargo Says:

    Now I realize that you must have done the blog header yourself…enjoyed your blog!

  4. Ballo Zana Samuel Says:

    Glad to see your site. I’m from Ivory Coast (west africa country). I take car of children at church and leading the children vocal choir. I’d like ask help from any person who want to help children. Many are orphans because of the war which displaced many families. Not a joke but the reallity. I myself try to help them with my posibilities.
    God bless you in Jesu name.

    Dear Beloved ,
    Greetings in the name of our lord, Almighty. I am glad to share with
    you my testimony in brief. I was form in a Christian family in a remote

    place (Narasayapalem, Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh) to a poor farmer

    by God’s grace I studied up to +2
    God called me to his service in 1994, and I started working among the
    worshippers in another hamlet. (Balusulapalem, Cherukupalli (Md),
    Guntur District, pin522309, AP) To satisfy their idols they used to cut

    their bodies with sharp knifes, thinking that it is a way pleasing
    Please pray for me. In 2003 I started a govt. Organization “OPEN
    following are what we are accomplishing three our Ministry.
    1) Revival & Healing meetings
    2) Cottage prayer meetings
    3) Street Evangelism
    4) Tracks ministry
    5) Door to door evangelism
    6) Pastors Conference

    If you have a vision to come to India please visit & Join in our
    service we need your guidance, co-operation and leadership, Please extend our ministry.Please pray for us .
    With love
    Pastor M Paul.

  6. Chris Says:

    Walk awhile upon my journey
    And steal a place in my heart.
    With your eyes,
    Upon these words,
    You, kindred spirit,
    Can touch my soul.

    Chris Roe

    “ In Search of Silence” by Chris Roe. A personal journey in search of spiritual peace.
    A collection of 45 poems available from http://www.silentflightpublications.co.uk

    A selection of the poems from “ In Search of Silence”

    Eternal Journey

    As the crimson flame of life
    Breaks slowly
    Above the horizon,
    The white frosted meadows,
    With trees and hedgerows
    Of sculptured ice,
    Speak loudly
    Of your presence.
    Once more
    Upon this journey,
    As another day begins,
    Without effort
    Or intrusion,
    Through the peace
    And tranquillity
    Of your silent voice,
    The moment becomes eternal,
    And the journey begins again.

    Immortal Spirit

    Beside me once more,
    In peaceful silence,
    Softer than a feather
    Cast adrift upon the breeze,
    In memories,
    Your spirit,

    Further work from this collection of poems can be seen at



  7. Connie Cross Says:

    Hello. I enjoy your blog. I haven’t been able to locate an e-mail address to contact you, but would you please e-mail me? I work at the Assemblies of God headquarters, faciliatating the content for the Network for Women in Ministry web site.

    Thank you, Connie Cross

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