I’ve been tagged again which is probably a good thing since it’s been a while since I have posted. First, though, some news. We got our economic stimulus check in the mail last week! Yippee! I got to buy an external hard drive so that I can back-up all my precious pictures and scrap stuff! It was fun splurging on fun stuff for a week. Another bit of news is that I have added another blog. If you click scrap layouts at the top of this page, you will go to a page with a link to the new blog on it. It showcases (or at least will) my most beautiful layouts. Check it out!

Now for the meme:

I was tagged by Monkey Memories!

Four jobs I’ve had:
1. pastor
2. assistant manager at a pizza place
3. secretary
4. shift manager at Office Depot

Four movies I could watch over and over:

I really don’t like to watch movies over and over, but the ones that I can stand to watch like once a year are:
1. Princess Bride
2. The Matrix Trilogy
3. Dances with Wolves (although it’s been a LONG time since I’ve watched it, I just LOVED that movie. I wonder if I still do?)
4. Lord of the Rings

Four places I have lived:
1. Scottsdale, AZ (haha this one stays the same as MM’s answer!)
2. Marion, Michigan
3. Minneapolis, Minnesota
4. Tulsa, Oklahoma

Four TV shows I like:
1. Alias (My absolute favorite!)
2. Lost (yes, I’m a Lostie and proud of it!)
3. CSI
4. The Pretender (anyone else remember that show? It was awesome!)

Four Favorite Foods:
1. Chocolate cake with triple chocolate chip fudge frosting (YUM!)
2. Tuna Casserole (my favorite comfort food)
3. Coldstone Ice Cream (the best combo in the world: 1/4 mint, 3/4 Chocolate with brownie chunks, marshmallow cream and fudge sauce. YUMMY!)
4. Lemonade (good lemonade not like out of the pop machine. I mean fresh squeezed goodness.)

Four Places I Would Rather Be:
1. Paris, France
2. Anywhere in Europe
3. The Philippines
4. Minneapolis, Minnesota

People I’m Tagging:
YOU! If you want to be tagged, BE YE TAGGED! lol!

Last week, when we got back, and I noticed this awful smell in the kitchen. I kinda ignored it and took a nap at first. I got sick while we were gone and I was SO ready to crash! Anyway, later hubby said, “The fridge is broken and all the food is bad!”

Ugh! So, I wondered, how long did it sit there? Eww! Well, we called for repair. Then at like 11:30 that night, hubby tells me it’s not broken. Someone had turned it off!!! Hmm… I wonder who that could have been…I think it was my very curious 3 year old son!

So, sometime before we left on Sunday he turned it off and it sat all week like that. How gross!!! The food in the freezer was all…over! It was disgusting.

Then, two nights later, I kept smelling something again. IT was awful. I was getting sick to my stomach sitting in a different room! I checked the fridge first, but it was on. The smell seemed to be coming from there, though. I couldn’t figure it out. Finally, after a day and a half of stink, my mom suggested that I check the pan under the fridge.

What?! There is a pan under the fridge???

Sure enough…there was nasty dried hamburger juice in the pan. I’m so glad to have that figured out, but one little boy sure can cause a lot of…well, odors. I’m sure you all know…

So now, it’s time for a little lesson on leaving the fridge dials ALONE!!!

I AM still alive. I miss blogging, but I have been so busy and so internet-less. We are set to get our internet fixed on January 3rd! Not much longer!

I’ve had a great Christmas. My family came on Christmas Eve and Chris made ham! Yay! We went to some friends’ house for Christmas brunch. Chris’ family came the day after Christmas. They will be here until tomorrow after lunch. On New Year’s Eve, we are going to visit my cousin and her family.

On January 4th, Chris leaves to go for 8 days to L.A. for his class. That will be the longest I’ve ever had the kids all alone! I’m a little worried. He’s much better than I am at being home alone with the kids. I’ve had them for one weekend alone, but 8 days is a lot longer. I hate to cook and I always need time to myself to stay sane. God will have to help me! I know he will! 😀 I sure will miss Chris!

Chris got me a great Christmas present, but I’ll save that for another post. I hope you are all enjoying your holidays!

Harvest festival last night was really great! We had 10 from our church. Last year we had a record with 6 and so with 10 this year that makes it a 40% increase. How many churches can say that? The testimony time was really encouraging. A man, T, from our church gave a testimony about the healing power of God and how he feels our church is a healing one. He had come that night with hiccups that he’d had for 5 days! And they stopped during the other testimonies! Praise God! We were very blessed by his testimony.

We were also very blessed by the groceries. I took some pictures of our pile. Have a look:



I’m buried in groceries. How wonderful!!!


Here is an artsy one that I took:


And last, but definitely not least, I have a funny one.


I’m sorry, but if you have to say on your packaging that it’s for people, there really is a problem with your packaging. Am I right? I think so!

When we got home, I was flying high on God’s love. Someone also told the hubby about a vision he had of our church breaking from the old and sailing into the new. That was really great news and it was confirmation of what we already felt was happening.

Those of you who know me well, know that I don’t cook. However, I do enjoy the sweeter foods in life, so I don’t mind baking, mixing, etc… As long as I’m in the mood or it’s easy, I’ll make sweet stuff. Today the Friday 5 was about food. Great topic considering my new resolution. Anyways, Songbird asked for the recipe for Snicker Salad. It falls into the category of things I will whip up, so here is the recipe:

3 tart apples

3 regular size Snickers

1 small box of french vanilla pudding

1 cup milk

8 oz container of cool whip

Cut up the snickers and apples into small squares. If you cut the Snickers in half length-wise and then cut into squares, they are perfect. Cut the apples into squares the same size; a little bigger is okay. Then mix the other ingredients together. Throw in the apples and Snickers and mix. You need to make this at the last possible moment because it does go sour tasting rather quickly (the fresher the better because of the apples). It never keeps overnight. Enjoy! It is SO good!