Well, the big day is here! I will be ordained in about 5 hours! Yay! I can’t wait! District Council has gone pretty well. Right now I’m sitting in a seminar with Ed Stetzer talking about being a missional church. Good stuff! In an hour and a half, we will get pictures taken with our kids, go to dinner with the in-laws and then come back for practice and more pictures.

It has been confirmed that we are the first couple to get ordained at the same time in Michigan, at least for the past 20 years that our district superintendent, Bro. William Leach, has been in office. We succeeded in confusing the ceremony. But, having practiced, all should go well. I must be honest that it was rather fun confusing things. 🙂

Ed Stetzer is a great speaker. He talks realy fast, but what he has good church planting stuff to say. He is saying that just like missionaries who go to other countries, we need to prepare for our “mission field” where we are pastors. We need to be intentional about reaching people. Just like missionaries learn a new language and culture, we need to continually relearn the culture of those we are trying to reach. That might mean having church in a coffee shop or bar. It might mean going out to help a farmer plant his crop. Whatever the situation of the people, we need to associate ourselves with them in an obvious way. We have “engage the culture where they are.” He listed three things that we need to be do in conjunction with each other.

“Our churches need to be biblically faithful, culturally relevant and counter-culture community for the gospel and the kingdom.”

Good stuff!!! Well, I’m signing off for now!

If there are typos in this post, my apologies! I’m using Hubby’s laptop. Did I tell you that a 7-foot shelf with 20-30 vases fell on him and his laptop? I don’t think I did. I blogged about it on my minister’s network on ning.com, but never copied it over. I will have to do that.

I read a great devotional that I would like to share.

It was written by a new blog friend, Ilona. She posted an entry from her devotional diary that was a really great summation of Luke 18.

Humility will also come through prayer. How can I possibly enter the presence of the almighty God and walk away thinking I’m somebody? I can walk away overjoyed that His Spirit works in and through me, that He loves me and molds me, and that through Him I can do all things. But to act like I have the right to treat people as if they are lesser than I is…pharisaical!

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Chris wrote a great post! It’s all about me! 😀

The last few weeks I have been falling in love with my wife all over again. It is like a spiritual awakening. I am seeing her with fresh eyes. I see the wrinkles forming around her eyes and mouth. She is taking on a look of maturity, and it matches her growth spiritually. There is something very sexy about those lines.

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Today I was looking at my wordpress.com blog stats and what should I see? Someone came to my blog from the Growing Blogs page. I thought to myself, “How is that possible. I’m not growing that much!” But I clicked the link and I found myself at 99! Way cool!

For those of you who may view this too late to see the page, I have, of course, saved a screenshot:

Growing Blogs

A great quote found here in one of the comments…Between Noon and Three

“If we are ever to enter fully into the glorious liberty of the sons of God, we are going to have to spend more time thinking about freedom than we do. The church, by and large, has had a poor record of encouraging freedom. She has spent so much time inculcating in us the fear of making mistakes that she has made us like ill-taught piano students; we play our songs, but we never really hear them, because our main concern is not to make music, but to avoid some flub that will get us in dutch…she made us care more about how we look than about who we are; made us act more like the subjects of a police state than fellow citizens of the saints.”

The quote goes on, and you can find the original in Capon’s Between Noon and Three.

I commented on the comment by saying… Don’t stop now! There’s more!


I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately. I really like hearing other people’s perspectives on things. I started using Google Reader about a week ago and now I am subscribed to 39 blogs! That’s crazy! They range from design to parenting to ministry topics. Tonight I read a really great post by Dr. Beth Grant on the FutureAG blog. I love the whole post, but I’ll just give you an excerpt and a link.


grant_01.jpgMy definition of godly leadership has been most shaped by the model of Jesus, servant leader, and by ministering for 30 years in very different cultures. As I pray about the future of the Assemblies of God and feel a personal sense of responsibility to be the kind of minister-leader we want “AG leadership” to be, I would love to be known for the following:

1) Like Jesus, let’s be a friend of sinners. I pray the Assemblies of God will be known as a church in which people without God are welcome on their spiritual journeys.Why are we surprised when people without Jesus live like sinners?We have tried to teach our daughters as they were growing up to genuinely care about teachers and classmates that were broken people and who were far from God. We wanted troubled young people to be welcome in our home around our kitchen table after school. Brokenness and messy lives are the natural outcome of lives without a Savior. Jesus died for those in sin, and our hearts as His people should reflect that love. It means befriending them and weeping over them rather than avoiding them. (It’s hard to lead people to Jesus & disciple them unless we as allow them to be close to us.) More…

Here is a poem that I read here. I can totally relate to it and enjoyed reading it. The part about a baby curled around my middle while typing is so right on! I remember those days. Now it’s a fairly large second body wedged into the computer chair with me. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

& (and)

    I looked down at my young daughter, who was looking gratefully and hungrily into my eyes, and I knew instinctively that gone were my days of being able to barricade myself in my study for hours on end… it struck panic into me to think that my ability to keep up the pace of my profession was bring slowly sucked out of me by the child on my breast.

    —Renita J. Weems, biblical scholar, minister, writer, mother,
    in Listening for God

what are your aspirations
for your writing?
asked the Artist,
who writes and creates
fulltime from her home studio,
whose Room of One’s Own
i covet.

to write and be read,
i answered,
and the response seemed stupid,
but it’s the best i could manage
without getting into it:
how i type one-handed, pecking quiet keys
with a baby curled around my middle;
how i climb into a pulpit, spread out pages of a
good-enough manuscript,
letting the masterwork that might have been
(had the meetings not piled up, had the death not occurred)
float silently away;
how i find the phrase
that breaks open a poem’s stuck door,
and pray it doesn’t blow shut
before i finish playing chutes and ladders.

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