This week we focused our attention on discovering other technologies that fill the definition of a technopoly. The topic that I found most interesting was the diet industry.

I cannot say that I have used many diets or taken any kind of diet pills. However, I am overly conscious of my body and weight. I feel judged by it. In reality, it is the pervasive dieting culture that we have in the United States that causes me to judge myself.

We bought a Wii and in order to play the Wii Fit games, my children had to go through the weighing process. If I am not careful, my daughter will be judging herself prematurely.

I found the following insights most helpful.

“The U.S. Weight Loss and Diet Control Market study projects that the prescription diet drug revenue will grow at 13.5 percent, and diet books, cassettes and exercise videos at 12.1 percent, annually through 2012.” (Spicer, 2011)

According to the Center for Disease Control, the obesity rate in the United States has continued to grow over the past decade with an estimated 27% of Americans reported as obese in 2008, despite a growing diet industry that generates an estimated $59 billion of revenue annually. (Spicer, 2011)

Nancy Nohrden added to the conversation with, “Have you seen this ‘Dove Evolution’ video?”  (Nohrden, 2011) This video is a poignant example of the importance we place on our looks.

We must resist all of these technopolies. “A resistance fighter understands that technology must never be accepted as part of the natural order of things, that technology…is a product of a particular economic and political context and carries with it a program, an agenda, and a philosophy that may or may not be life-enhancing and that therefore require scrutiny, criticism, and control. (Postman, 1992, p. 184-185)

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Today I preached and Chris recorded me with his built in iSight camera on his new MacBook. So, here you are… Please try not to laugh too hard at my strange faces and big teeth!