Recently, I was reading one of the many blogs that I read and Lutheran Husker wrote about how he likes to write haiku poems while in boring meetings. So, while driving back from Chicago this weekend, I decided to write some poems. Some of them are inside jokes, so they may not make any sense whatsoever, but I hope you enjoy them!Parking’s a racket.
We want an open spot. We go
’round. We are trapped!

Elaine flatlines often.
She needs food stat! Quick! Hurry!
Whew! She is okay.

Mackenzie fears death,
Death from a killing disease:
public pen in mouth.

Lemur Eyes

Photo courtesy abcode on Flickr.

Lemur eyes are big.
Big, bulging, large, watchful eyes
spot a restaurant.

The Bethmobile is
gone. It blew up and
the pavement is black.

Bethmobile, you’re gone
in a flaming tribute to
your battery problems. Oh!

A puddle appears.
The fire is washed away;
only steel is left.

Puddle of buttons,
puddle of pins, you are one.
One big memory.

God loves my mother.
He has her best planned out,
so she will be blessed.

Sunburns are a pain.
A pain on my head and back;
a cancerous pain.

Coffee is yucky.
Lemonade is yummy.
Don’t drink coffee…ew!