Week 2 of this journey has been a learning experience. I am pleased, but also frustrated. I am enjoying my learning, but also having difficulty keeping up with the reading. I seem to be fine reading the texts, but everyone’s post and comments on the blogs, even, are overwhelming to me. I read so slowly, especially on the monitor!

I have learned so much about learners this week. I think that the information on learner styles and learner behaviors will not only help me to learn in this class, but also help me in teaching others through Sunday school and even while preaching. Incorporating all kinds of learning should help my congregants to retain more information. I can also encourage them to learn how they learn and how they can make the most of every learning situation. I am looking forward to seeing what we come up with as a group for a final list of factors effecting success in online learning.

I also really enjoy our live session with Quentin Schultze. I really like how he turned Eat, Pray Love into Listen, Laugh, Love. I wish I were able to take the course, but I wanted to take COM605 even more, so I will not get to hear all of his thoughts on this subject. Even the texts sound wonderful. I may have to read Truth to Tell by Newbigin anyway (1991). Schultze’s ideas are stimulating and I am looking forward to attending Forum 4:15.

I took a look at the article on blogs titled, “Blogs: A Disruptive Technology Coming of Age?” I think that every technology has a life span. I can understand questioning if blogs are near the end of their life span. According to the 2007 State of the Blogosphere done by Technorati, there were 70 million blogs (Sifry, 2007). According to BlogPulse, there are over 155 million as I write this. We have to assume that of these numbers, many of them are splogs (spam blogs) and inactive blogs. Even, so, we can see that the numbers are increasing. The downfall of anything can come very swiftly, but I do not think that blogs are in any immediate danger.

Rather, I think that they have matured to an age where they are not just a fad to be part of, but a way to convey a person’s thoughts and opinions to the world or even just those with like interests. Kling states, “I sketched a model of blogs in which blogging serves as a filtering mechanism in the dissemination of information. The model is built on assumptions that make blogging very efficient. To the extent that those assumptions mirror reality, then blogging is not a fad. On the contrary, it could have a lot more potential for growth.” (2002) I believe that there is still plenty of room to grow.


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My friend, Mary Beth Bradshaw sent an e-mail with her blog post this morning about a contest to get a scholarship to the She Speaks conference. At first, I thought that I wouldn’t mind going, but that I probably could not write a convincing post about why I should recieve the scholarship.

My husband also received her e-mail, though, and asked me about it. And if he thinks something is a good idea, I usually re-evaluate. In the process of re-evaluating I read more about it. I think it would be a great conference to go to. I really need help with the delivery of my sermons and they have speaker evaluation sessions. 10-12 women evaluate you on (quoted from their website):

Introduction: How well did you open? Did it capture the attention of the audience?

Message: How well did you develop your subject? (Example: with story or knowledge of subject)

Support Material: Your use of support, such as Scripture, quotes, references, etc. Did you read from the Bible, a book, etc?

Style: How well is your use of grammar, volume and ability to speak clearly?

Conclusion: Did you build to a climax, end strong, and get your point across?

Delivery: Did you make eye contact, connect with the audience, and show passion about your subject?

Physical Appearance: Were you dressed professionally and appropriately? Were you sincere, believable, warm, and effective, etc?

This is exactly what I need. They also have a blogging track and a women’s ministry track. I would love to know how to get the women in my church motivated to spend some time together. And I would also love to be a better blogger. There have really been some many things that I have come to desire improvement on lately.

Unfortunately, I found out too late to get in on the scholarship. So, if anyone wants to donate $525 for me to go, just let me know! 😉 It would be so fun to road trip it with May Beth! I hope that Mary Beth wins. But, I’m sure that God has His hand in who will win. I pray that it is the person who will benefit most from it.