Doodaddy posted a great story about Boobaby today that reminded me of something funny Princess said the other day. I was upstairs checking on her and Little Man because it was awfully quiet…never a good sign! They were fine and being good. Whew!

Anyways, they were playing Barbies. Actually, they were playing Mary, Joseph and Jesus with Barbies. Barbies, mind you, no Ken dolls. P has this fascination lately with being pregnant. She will make LM pretend to be her husband and take her to the hospital where whe will have a cat(baby). The fact that she doesn’t even use a baby is wierd enough, but her brother is her husband? That girl has enough imagination for 10 kids I think; which I don’t deny is a good thing. Her teachers at preschool just went on and on last year about her imagination. Jesus was being portrayed by a McDonald’s Bratz toy. We are against her playing with Bratz. Isn’t the name enough to say no to? But then they wear skanky clothes and have bad attitudes on their faces. She was given this one by somebody and I couldn’t refuse it. I should have thrown it in the garbage when I got home, but it slipped through somehow.

Anyways (again), she wanted me to be the daddy (Joseph), but I was kind of in the middle of some work, so I said, “Why don’t you let Foster be the daddy and the baby?” And you will never believe what she said! She said, “That would be ridiculous!”

At first, I wasn’t sure I heard her right, so I asked her, “Did you just say ridiculous?” Of course, she said, “Yeah.” I about burst out laughing! I managed to hold it in, but I cracked up after I came downstairs.