Well, I finally have a picture of the present my hubby made me for Christmas. I said I would write about it in a previous post, but I haven’t gotten around to it until now. Well, he made me a charm bracelet that is so much more than a charm bracelet. I wrote a while back about my idea for a charm bracelet to help my keep myself straight as to what I’m doing. I’ve got so many hats that I get all confused. So, for Christmas, my hubby made my charm bracelet for me. The picture shows what each charm is for. Each charm is a different aspect of my life. Right now I am being just me by blogging, so I’m the lady with the crazy flowing hair (like in my blog banner at the top of this page). As you may have noticed, the wife charm is a little risqué, but I suppose that’s because the hubby picked it out. 🙂


He had the ingenious idea to make it with a rosary so that I can use it to pray, too. I can use to pray that God will help me to be better at all of these rolls! Of course, I don’t pray Hail Marys. Chris suggested that I pray breath prayers*. Adele Ahlberg Calhoun wrote about breath prayers on pages 204-206 of her book, Spiritual Disciplines Handbook: Practices that Transform Us. It was one of the books Chris had to read for a masters class.

To pray a breath prayer you pick a name for God like Abba and then you say a one line desire of your heart. So, I would say “Abba” (as I breathe in) and pray, “Help me to be a good a mother as you are a Father to me” (as I exhale). I haven’t actually done this yet. Chris suggested I pick a different name of God for each charm and I am just starting to look into it and decide.

The rosary had to be modified to fit my wrist as a bracelet, so there is one less bead for each decade (the ten beads between each of the charms. That just means that I have to count the first bead that hangs down with the charm as both 10 of the decade before it and 1 of the decade after it. I hope that explanation is clearer than it seems to me. On the beads that are right above each of the charms, I pray the Lord’s Prayer. The second picture shows how the bracelet looks when it is off.

After I decide on my breath prayers I may share those with you, too. But, you must admit that he did a pretty good job with my present, huh? Way to go hubby!


*Disclaimer: This is by no means how you should always pray. This is a prayer that helps you to continually pray throughout the day when you cannot stop what you are doing. You can still pray while doing other things.

I AM still alive. I miss blogging, but I have been so busy and so internet-less. We are set to get our internet fixed on January 3rd! Not much longer!

I’ve had a great Christmas. My family came on Christmas Eve and Chris made ham! Yay! We went to some friends’ house for Christmas brunch. Chris’ family came the day after Christmas. They will be here until tomorrow after lunch. On New Year’s Eve, we are going to visit my cousin and her family.

On January 4th, Chris leaves to go for 8 days to L.A. for his class. That will be the longest I’ve ever had the kids all alone! I’m a little worried. He’s much better than I am at being home alone with the kids. I’ve had them for one weekend alone, but 8 days is a lot longer. I hate to cook and I always need time to myself to stay sane. God will have to help me! I know he will! 😀 I sure will miss Chris!

Chris got me a great Christmas present, but I’ll save that for another post. I hope you are all enjoying your holidays!

Over at RevGals, Singing Owl wrote this:

Ah, the day after Thanksgiving–groan! Fortunately, I love Thanksgiving leftovers.

Thanksgiving is the American holiday when the greatest number of people travel somewhere else to celebrate. I am posting this from my son’s home in Minnesota where we are recovering from the food shopping and the preparations and the meal and the clean up. It is difficult to think of anything requiring much energy today, and I am enjoying my sweet baby granddaughter, so I will keep it simple. For those of you not in the USA, I apologize for the nationalistic tone of this Friday Five!

1. Did you go elsewhere for the day, or did you have visitors at your place instead? How was it?

My family and I went to my mother’s house for Thanksgiving this year. It was quite enjoyable!

2. Main course: If it was the turkey, the whole turkey, and nothing but the turkey, was it prepared in an unusual way? Or did you throw tradition to the winds and do something different?

We had our usual turkey, but my sister-in-law also made a cranberry, apple, pear dish and her family’s baked beans recipe. I really enjoyed the baked beans.

3. Other than the meal, do you have any Thanksgiving customs that you observe every year?

We don’t have any special traditions for Thanksgiving. I think writing this at 3 in the morning is not helping it to be interesting…

4. The day after Thanksgiving is considered a major Christmas shopping day by most US retailers. Do you go out bargain hunting and shop ‘till you drop, or do you stay indoors with the blinds closed? Or something in between?

I do not go out shopping. I think I would have shopping rage. That would be like road rage except your driving a cart. I am still up waiting to see what deals apple.com will have when it is finally midnight over on the west coast. I don’t usually do that.

5. Let the HOLIDAY SEASON commence! When will your Christmas decorations go up?

I have no idea! I was thinking about how nice it would be to do it the other day until I realized it wasn’t even Thanksgiving yet. It just seemed crazy to me then. Probably as soon as I can get the house picked up some more so we have room to work, I’ll haul everything out.

3:01 and still no Apple Store! Come on! 3:06! I’m posting this now.