This week’s subject is one that is near to me. Last year, I realized that I was addicted to my computer, iPod and the internet. I had been trying to hide from my emotions by being constantly occupied with my computer. While I was mostly able to cover my fears, I was depressed from lack of intimacy with others. Postman states, “The computer is, in a sense, a magnificent toy that distracts us from facing what we most needed to confront — spiritual emptiness, knowledge of ourselves, usable conceptions of the past and future.” (Postman, 1990)

Schultze states, “Informationism encourages informational promiscuity: impersonal relationships based on feigned intimacies and lacking moral integrity.” (Schultze, 2002, p.35) I was being promiscuous with my children and husband. For example, my daughter was being bullied. She was acting strangely, getting poor grades and saying that she wished she were dead. I should have seen those signs, but the computer blinded me.

I do agree with what Postman says about technology having winners and losers. (Postman, 1992) We have given up a lot by our dependency on technology. Tamara noted that some technologies get pushed out by newer ones, like phonebooks for online directories. She points out that this causes us to forget how to use the older technologies.
I think of handwriting. No one takes time to learn to write beautifully anymore. Instead we learn a new texting language. That is useful in it’s own way, but so is handwriting.

Kevin D. Miller writes, “…the Amish have managed to keep technology in check, and in doing so they have fostered a sense of community that many of us yearn for in our electronically tethered and frenetically paced lives.” (Miller, 2011, p.20) I hope that by the end of this class I will have learned how to use technology in a discretionary way.

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I’m sorry to have disappeared on you all. It has been a busy week. We decided to rearrange some of the rooms in our house this week. Hopefully we will be a little more organized. We moved our bedroom upstairs and our former bedroom is going to be my office/craft room! I’m so excited! I can even lock the kids out so that they don’t ruin all my stuff anymore! Yippee!

In the process, though, we managed to break our internet connection, so I haven’t been able to blog. I have a call in now to get it fixed, but they probably won’t come till the middle of next week. Chris can still get internet on his Mac via a neighbor, but I haven’t had a chance to use his computer, either. I’m at work right now, so I wanted to update you all. Hopefully, I’ll be back in full force soon!

My Wonderful Hubby!I just need to tell the world that I have the best hubby in the world. Friday night I turned off my computer and went to bed. Everything seemed normal, but there may have been some light storms in the night. I woke up Saturday and instead of turning on my computer, I used my hubby’s laptop. Then I left to exercise (yes, I actually exercised). I came back and I felt really sick (because I pushed myself too hard after months of no exercise), so I was in bed for a few hours. When I woke up, Chris told me that my computer was on when he had gotten up that morning (after I left). He said it was continually rebooting because my iPod was plugged in. For some reason, if my iPod is plugged in, the computer thinks it should boot from it. We knew about the problem, but neither of us took the time to fix it. So it was rebooting for some time. Apparently, Little Man had turned on the computer between when he woke up and Chris got out of bed. 😦 When I went to turn it on Saturday afternoon, I unplugged the iPod, and still, all it would do is reboot over and over again. We both thought we would have to reinstall windows and everything would be gone. But, Chris saved my stuff!!! He did a lot of Googling and figured out how to make it work! He’s so absolutely wonderful. Here I sit at my computer typing away. All I lost were some program registry keys (no big deal; I can reinstall) and some settings. I am oh so very happy!!!

Honey – I love you!

Now off to do a backup, eh?

Some Random WoodsI’ve been feeling rather dry and out of it spiritually the last couple of weeks. I got that cold and wasn’t feeling up to par physically and it just seemed to run over into my spiritual life. I haven’t been doing the normal amount of reading and praying for a couple of weeks and that always makes me feel like this. Also, Chris got a new computer. Our first Apple. We’ve both been especially obsessed with our computers this past week. We have been playing games online in competition with each other.

I told Chris about how I was feeling, just today at lunch. He suggested that I go walk in the woods somewhere. It was a great suggestion; I only had to find some woods that I could walk in. I managed to find some. There weren’t any “No Trespassing” signs, so I went for it. It’s so hard to find a good quiet place out in nature nowadays. Everyone is afraid of everyone else and afraid someone will sue them. I was careful to leave everything the same; I just took some time to stroll with God through His magnificent creation. I saw a deer blind at one point and while I don’t think it’s deer hunting season yet (I don’t really keep up with such things), I was glad I was wearing a very brightly striped t-shirt. I got away from the deer blind, too. I really didn’t want to be shot, but it was pretty quiet. (more…)