Thank you all for your prayers today. We needed them and appreciated them. The interview went really well. They had an issue with a post I wrote about tithe a while back, with good reason. I really had no idea I had left out so many details when I wrote it. I can’t say enough how embarrassed I am now that I realize how it came out of my head. It really didn’t look like that inside my head.

They asked pretty much what everyone said they would, like why do you want to be ordained and what does ordination mean to you? But, most of the time was spent talking about my blog posts and the logistics of blog writing when you are a pastor.

I really appreciate the three men that interviewed us. I appreciate the loving tone that they used when talking about this post. I appreciate that they saw that I was terribly embarrassed when I realized how bad the post was. Most of all, I appreciate that they want the best for each pastor in the district; it was obvious from the conversation and the prayers. I now covet their prayers and friendship.

It really was a great experience. I felt like I could have stayed and talked to them all day. We had already gone half an hour over when we left, though. While I was talking to them, I only felt loved.

The interview really made me realize a lot things. (more…)


This post is clarifying my thoughts from my Is Tithing a New Testament Requirement? post.

Today it was pointed out to me that my post about tithing was not as clear as I thought it was. When I took a closer a look at it, I was appalled at everything that I had left out. The pieces were all there in my head, but I did a terrible job of converting them into words. In the process, I’m afraid I hurt feelings and conveyed the wrong message about tithing.

The following is part of a response to an e-mail I received some time ago concerning this post. The writer voiced some concerns, but even then I did not see everything that I left out. I can’t publish the e-mail because I don’t have permission, but I think that my side of the conversation will still help to clear up what I meant.

I totally appreciate what you have said and I agree with it, too. God has always provided our most necessary needs (regardless of our finances). And I appreciate everything the district leadership does. I’m sorry if I came over too strong about the banquet. It’s one of the VERY few things that bother me in this district. Overall, I absolutely love all our district leadership. I really appreciate your willingness to take time with me. The district superintendent is wonderful and if I ever have the chance to talk to him, I will try to remember to tell him my frustrations about the banquet. I have found him very easy to talk to, but since being frustrated about the banquet, I haven’t talked to him and I don’t feel like its such a big issue (even though it may have sounded that way) that I should take up his time by calling or talking to him about just that. As far as the pay, I think whatever the district leadership get paid is probably perfect or too little. I know its a big job. I passionately disagreed with my mom’s saying they made too little. (more…)