Thursday, my hubby and I have our ordination exams. I am really, really nervous. At first I was nervous because I had no idea what to expect. I’ve learned a bit more in the last 24 hours and now I am nervous because I don’t feel ready. I was told that they ask questions from the exam. That’s only slightly bad. I’m not sure I remember all the verses that went with everything. But then I was told they will definitely ask the questions that you got wrong! Well, that’s just great! They didn’t tell us what we got wrong. I have some idea from what I didn’t know when taking the exam, but that doesn’t cover all my missed answers! I only got an 88%. I know maybe 5% of the questions I got wrong. So I am super nervous.

The other thing I have to be able to do is give evidence of my call. That doesn’t sound too hard, but I never had any “Aha!” moments. My call was gradual. At first I knew that I would be a pastor’s wife. When I got out of college I felt led to become licensed without any thought of ever being ordained. I received a specialized ministry license. I was sure I was never going to preach. I knew I was avoiding it and eventually I was ready to listen to God and switch to license to preach. At that point, I figured I may as well go all the way and get ordained. I feel called, but that’s not really too much evidence. I suppose that since it is the truth and I can talk about it passionately, I should be fine, but I’m still nervous.

I am still seeking more information if anyone has an idea of what goes on in an Assemblies of God ordination interview. I would love to have a better idea. Is there just one interview or several? You would think that since my grandfather, father, father-in-law were pastors and I grew up in the AG, I should have a better idea. I don’t!

Please pray for me. I need it. I need it now as I study and Thursday as I get interviewed. Thanks!


I am so tired! This past week has been crazy! (Which is why I haven’t been posting anything.) I was cleaning my house like crazy because my in-laws came on Thursday. I had to preach this Sunday and we had Little Man’s 3rd birthday party today after church. My hubby is napping right now, but I decided not to because when I took a nap on Thursday, I slept for 5 hours! I would like to sleep tonight. But I am exhausted. I will be glad when everything settles into the normal fall routine. Well, it won’t actually be normal. Little Man starts Head Start this year. He and Princess will be in the same class. Princess is 16 days too young to go to Kindergarten this year. It will be good for Little Man to have his sister the first year. They will have 4 half days of school per week.

I’ll miss them both, but I plan on making good use of that time! I plan on dropping them off at the bus and then doing devotions. I’ve been doing them at night, but I think the morning would be better. Usually, I would get on the computer, but Chris has started his Masters and he’ll be up and doing that online in the mornings. Which will be good because it will make me do other, more productive things with my free time.

Oh! In other news, both Chris and I passed our ordination exams. In November, we will have interviews. That is the last step. Hopefully, all will go well. I look forward to that being over, too. The test was probably the worst part, so it was a great relief to find out last week that we passed.

So, all in all, I’m glad the summer is over. It’s been so hectic!