In light of Bill McKibben’s book The age of missing information, taking time away from my iPod and putting it into time spent outdoors with God’s great creation, would do me a lot of good. Like television, my iPod presents me with a “relentless flood of information…[that] does not necessarily equal an understanding of our situation” (KcKibben, 2006, p. 162). It is harder for me to understand situation around me in real life if I am too involved in the virtual world.

I noticed this week, in regards to my iPod use, that as I got sicker (with a cold), I cared less about using my iPod. I was tired of it being in my face.

Some of the apps that I feel contribute good to my life are the calendar, calculator, and Bible apps. It’s nice not having to carry any of these items in my purse separately, which I used to do.

The Bible app is very handy and I use it frequently. It also has many religious e-books, commentaries and other study tools. The downside to using my iPod as my Bible is that some people do not understand that I am really reading from the Bible. How does this affect them? I do not know.

That would be interesting to find out.

McKibben, Bill. (2006). The age of missing information. New York, NY: Random House

The technology that I want to focus on for my technology plan assignment is my iPod Touch. It has capabilities for internet, e-mail, twitter, apps and music. I can begin to see how it is biased toward taking over lives.
From my technology fasts, I know that my iPod is my most missed technology. I miss my calendar, e-mail, Words with Friends and music. However, it takes up my in-between moments with its noise. It would be much more productive to fill my in-between moments with prayer and thoughts relating to God. I was much more contemplative this week without my iPod.
Some quotes and sources that I found useful are listed below. (more…)

My Wonderful Hubby!I just need to tell the world that I have the best hubby in the world. Friday night I turned off my computer and went to bed. Everything seemed normal, but there may have been some light storms in the night. I woke up Saturday and instead of turning on my computer, I used my hubby’s laptop. Then I left to exercise (yes, I actually exercised). I came back and I felt really sick (because I pushed myself too hard after months of no exercise), so I was in bed for a few hours. When I woke up, Chris told me that my computer was on when he had gotten up that morning (after I left). He said it was continually rebooting because my iPod was plugged in. For some reason, if my iPod is plugged in, the computer thinks it should boot from it. We knew about the problem, but neither of us took the time to fix it. So it was rebooting for some time. Apparently, Little Man had turned on the computer between when he woke up and Chris got out of bed. 😦 When I went to turn it on Saturday afternoon, I unplugged the iPod, and still, all it would do is reboot over and over again. We both thought we would have to reinstall windows and everything would be gone. But, Chris saved my stuff!!! He did a lot of Googling and figured out how to make it work! He’s so absolutely wonderful. Here I sit at my computer typing away. All I lost were some program registry keys (no big deal; I can reinstall) and some settings. I am oh so very happy!!!

Honey – I love you!

Now off to do a backup, eh?