Last week, when we got back, and I noticed this awful smell in the kitchen. I kinda ignored it and took a nap at first. I got sick while we were gone and I was SO ready to crash! Anyway, later hubby said, “The fridge is broken and all the food is bad!”

Ugh! So, I wondered, how long did it sit there? Eww! Well, we called for repair. Then at like 11:30 that night, hubby tells me it’s not broken. Someone had turned it off!!! Hmm… I wonder who that could have been…I think it was my very curious 3 year old son!

So, sometime before we left on Sunday he turned it off and it sat all week like that. How gross!!! The food in the freezer was all…over! It was disgusting.

Then, two nights later, I kept smelling something again. IT was awful. I was getting sick to my stomach sitting in a different room! I checked the fridge first, but it was on. The smell seemed to be coming from there, though. I couldn’t figure it out. Finally, after a day and a half of stink, my mom suggested that I check the pan under the fridge.

What?! There is a pan under the fridge???

Sure enough…there was nasty dried hamburger juice in the pan. I’m so glad to have that figured out, but one little boy sure can cause a lot of…well, odors. I’m sure you all know…

So now, it’s time for a little lesson on leaving the fridge dials ALONE!!!