Well, this morning went pretty well. Princess did the announcements for me, so I wasn’t completely a one-woman show. I need more practice running the service. Maybe I should tell Hubby that. Oh, wait, I think I just did! The worst part was worship. I just don’t know what to do up there. I feel awkward. I know it would make most sense to just worship, but then I get some words wrong and get embarrassed. I need to work on that, too, I guess. Someone told me I have a beautiful voice. Many people have said that, actually, but I never believe them. I suppose that they can tell better than I can, but my voice isn’t consistent. I could use some voice lessons, then I would probably feel comfortable singing. I always tell people I don’t sing, but it’s just because of all that. Overall, a very good service. And I was pleased with the sermon. I anointed two people with oil. It may seem strange, but that may have been my first time. I even felt comfortable praying in front of everyone today. God definitely gave me extra courage and strength today. I think it may have helped to know that Chris wasn’t there to help, so I had no choice but to do it. And if I was going to do it, I was going to do it my very best. God was definitely using me, I couldn’t have done it without Him. Thanks, God! And thanks to all who wrote encouraging words and sent a hilarious song to me last night. You all cheered my lonesome heart, greatly.

Well, tonight I still have a Bible study to do, but then the rest of the week will be just doing my best to keep a happy household while Hubby is gone. We’ve been playing Scrabulous on Facebook more often since he’s been gone. It’s been fun. I look forward to the rest of the week. Now, I’m off to feed some friends’ cats. They are visiting family and we (me and the kids) have charge of their cats.

Yay! The internet got fixed yesterday afternoon. I’m looking forward to making good use of it again!

This morning I was up bright and early to take the hubby to the airport. I think I might die before he gets back. We have been apart this long before, but it was always me that was away. I’ve never been the one stuck at home spouse-less for this long before. So far, so good, but I think that would be due to eating out all day. I’m at work with the kids glued to a movie. I let them order whatever they wanted from the local restaurant (chocolate shakes included). I managed to get the first draft of my sermon done, even. Yeah, I guess it’s been a pretty great day so far. I’m even feeling awake because of the sermon draft being done. That is always happy making!

I’ve still got to post about my Christmas present from the hubby. It’s coming, really. I need to try to take a picture of it. My camera doesn’t take up close shots very well, so we’ll see if it will work…

Right now, I think I will post my sermon draft. Any comments are appreciated. My greatest help in sermon writing is MIA! 😉

I’m so glad to be back! I missed you all!

What are you most thankful for this year?

I am thankful for so many things that I have a hard time trying to narrow it down. I am thankful for seeing God working in my kids. Even at 3 and 4, He uses them to bless others. They especially bless me when I see them understand something new about God. When I see that light go on in their heads, it’s amazing. The other day Princess was pretending that her friends were chasing her trying to kill her. She has a fascination with killing, but I hear that’s kind of normal at this age. It’s still alarming, though. Anyways, she was running away from them and then she turned around and killed them.

At dinner that night, Hubby said, “You know Ella, Jesus told us to love our enemies.” We had to explain what an enemy was, but then she looked at Hubby with these big eyes. Her look said, “Are you crazy daddy?” I told her that instead of turning around and killing her friends turned enemies, she should have turned around and hugged them. She was taken aback by that and I think she is still thinking through it. When she processes it all, I know she will come back and say something really profound. I can’t wait to hear it.
I really hope that maybe that will curb her fascination with killing, too. She really does try hard to be like Jesus would want. It’s just amazing to me how clearly you can see God working in a child. They start life without so many of the things that clog up our view of God as adults. It’s refreshing to see such simple love and adoration of God.

I’m thankful for so much more, but today my thoughts are on how great my kids are.

What are you most thankful for? Leave me a comment.

Sunday morning we were listening to Princess practice a song she was going to sing for church. She was going to sing “Zacchaeus“. Little Man just randomly yells out, very clearly and loudly, “That’s BS!” We were shocked, but we cracked up as we realized that he meant that it was a song they sang at VBS. He had just failed to say the “V”. Kids can be so dangerous when they are still developing their language skills! Even funnier, both the kids started laughing with us like they understood what was so funny. Of course, they didn’t. It was great comic relief. I had to, very carefully, tell everyone else when they got to church. They thought it was pretty funny, too.

Doodaddy posted a great story about Boobaby today that reminded me of something funny Princess said the other day. I was upstairs checking on her and Little Man because it was awfully quiet…never a good sign! They were fine and being good. Whew!

Anyways, they were playing Barbies. Actually, they were playing Mary, Joseph and Jesus with Barbies. Barbies, mind you, no Ken dolls. P has this fascination lately with being pregnant. She will make LM pretend to be her husband and take her to the hospital where whe will have a cat(baby). The fact that she doesn’t even use a baby is wierd enough, but her brother is her husband? That girl has enough imagination for 10 kids I think; which I don’t deny is a good thing. Her teachers at preschool just went on and on last year about her imagination. Jesus was being portrayed by a McDonald’s Bratz toy. We are against her playing with Bratz. Isn’t the name enough to say no to? But then they wear skanky clothes and have bad attitudes on their faces. She was given this one by somebody and I couldn’t refuse it. I should have thrown it in the garbage when I got home, but it slipped through somehow.

Anyways (again), she wanted me to be the daddy (Joseph), but I was kind of in the middle of some work, so I said, “Why don’t you let Foster be the daddy and the baby?” And you will never believe what she said! She said, “That would be ridiculous!”

At first, I wasn’t sure I heard her right, so I asked her, “Did you just say ridiculous?” Of course, she said, “Yeah.” I about burst out laughing! I managed to hold it in, but I cracked up after I came downstairs.