Last week, when we got back, and I noticed this awful smell in the kitchen. I kinda ignored it and took a nap at first. I got sick while we were gone and I was SO ready to crash! Anyway, later hubby said, “The fridge is broken and all the food is bad!”

Ugh! So, I wondered, how long did it sit there? Eww! Well, we called for repair. Then at like 11:30 that night, hubby tells me it’s not broken. Someone had turned it off!!! Hmm… I wonder who that could have been…I think it was my very curious 3 year old son!

So, sometime before we left on Sunday he turned it off and it sat all week like that. How gross!!! The food in the freezer was all…over! It was disgusting.

Then, two nights later, I kept smelling something again. IT was awful. I was getting sick to my stomach sitting in a different room! I checked the fridge first, but it was on. The smell seemed to be coming from there, though. I couldn’t figure it out. Finally, after a day and a half of stink, my mom suggested that I check the pan under the fridge.

What?! There is a pan under the fridge???

Sure enough…there was nasty dried hamburger juice in the pan. I’m so glad to have that figured out, but one little boy sure can cause a lot of…well, odors. I’m sure you all know…

So now, it’s time for a little lesson on leaving the fridge dials ALONE!!!

We had a great district council this year. We were miraculously provided for. I was miraculously healed of an ear infection and sore throat. You can read about our provision on my hubby’s blog. He did a great job of writing about it, so there is no reason for me to rewrite it. So, check out Adventures in Asceticism. He’s written some other great posts about District Council as well. I will just add that generally, our church pays for all or most of our expenses. That has been a wonderful gift in the past, but this year was especially tight, so we took donations, but not even an official love offering. I was amazed at the amount we got that way, but it still wasn’t enough. Our personal finances have been really tight the past month as well, so we weren’t in a great place when we left.

Now, as for my healing, I get to tell that story! Sunday, Princess was complaining of a sore throat. I thought, “oh, great, we’ll all be sick by the end of the week!” I wasn’t wrong. 😦 I tend to stress out when we are going somewhere. I don’t want to forget anything and I have to pack nearly everything. I make Chris pack his own clothes is all. So, I usually do get sick at the start of a trip. I think I run down my immune system or something. Anyways, I got it Sunday night. My throat hurt just a little. I thought maybe I wouldn’t get the full-blown thing. But, I did. Monday morning, I was croaking out my sentences. Monday afternoon, my in-laws met us at the campground and we handed off the kids. We went to dinner and shopping with them, but the kids were stuck to grandma and grandpa. Monday night they slept on their bus while we slept in our hotel room.

Tuesday morning we headed off to DC (District Council). My head hurt and my throat was killing me, but it was still manageable. So we went to the ordination luncheon and the banquet that night. At the banquet, my ears started hurting. I didn’t even tell Chris because I was hoping it wouldn’t be anything. We went to the house that was lent to us. It was great by the way! What fun! At 2 a.m. I awoke with terrible ear pain. (more…)

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope everyone has had as wonderful a holiday as I have. I went to my mom’s house for the traditional turkey and had a very good dinner. I even came back with leftovers. Cold turkey sandwiches tomorrow!

Today, I would like to tell you all what I am thankful for.

    1. My loving God – He’s so wonderful. He loves me more than anyone else and I know that I can never deserve His love, yet He loves me.
    2. My hubby – He loves me and does things for me even when I don’t really deserve for him to be so nice to me. Thank you, honey, and I love you!
    3. My kids (Princess and Little Man) – They daily show me new things and daily give me their unconditional love. Sometimes I don’t deserve that either.
    4. The rest of my family (moms, dads and brothers and sisters) – Thanks for being such great family!
    5. My church family – Our congregation loves us so much and I am thankful for that. I love them, too. I am so glad we fit together so well and I look forward to continuing to effect change in our community.
    6. My many, many friends (both in life and in the online realm) – I’m so glad I friends that I can go to when I need to talk. I am also so glad for all the friends that I have made through blogging. Blogging has opened up a whole new world of giving and receiving blessings. I am also thankful for all the readers of my blog. Don’t be afraid to de-lurk. I’d love to be your friend, too.
    7. My fellow ministers – All of you readers that are fellow pastors and all the fellow pastors in my community and in the Assemblies of God that I have become close to, I appreciate what you have taught me. I look forward to continually growing at the prodding of others.

      I’m sure that there are many more things I am thankful for that I have left out. These are the ones with the biggest impact on my life. Thank you all for all you do for me! Happy Thanksgiving!

      Sunday morning we were listening to Princess practice a song she was going to sing for church. She was going to sing “Zacchaeus“. Little Man just randomly yells out, very clearly and loudly, “That’s BS!” We were shocked, but we cracked up as we realized that he meant that it was a song they sang at VBS. He had just failed to say the “V”. Kids can be so dangerous when they are still developing their language skills! Even funnier, both the kids started laughing with us like they understood what was so funny. Of course, they didn’t. It was great comic relief. I had to, very carefully, tell everyone else when they got to church. They thought it was pretty funny, too.

      Doodaddy posted a great story about Boobaby today that reminded me of something funny Princess said the other day. I was upstairs checking on her and Little Man because it was awfully quiet…never a good sign! They were fine and being good. Whew!

      Anyways, they were playing Barbies. Actually, they were playing Mary, Joseph and Jesus with Barbies. Barbies, mind you, no Ken dolls. P has this fascination lately with being pregnant. She will make LM pretend to be her husband and take her to the hospital where whe will have a cat(baby). The fact that she doesn’t even use a baby is wierd enough, but her brother is her husband? That girl has enough imagination for 10 kids I think; which I don’t deny is a good thing. Her teachers at preschool just went on and on last year about her imagination. Jesus was being portrayed by a McDonald’s Bratz toy. We are against her playing with Bratz. Isn’t the name enough to say no to? But then they wear skanky clothes and have bad attitudes on their faces. She was given this one by somebody and I couldn’t refuse it. I should have thrown it in the garbage when I got home, but it slipped through somehow.

      Anyways (again), she wanted me to be the daddy (Joseph), but I was kind of in the middle of some work, so I said, “Why don’t you let Foster be the daddy and the baby?” And you will never believe what she said! She said, “That would be ridiculous!”

      At first, I wasn’t sure I heard her right, so I asked her, “Did you just say ridiculous?” Of course, she said, “Yeah.” I about burst out laughing! I managed to hold it in, but I cracked up after I came downstairs.

      Hmm…what does Chris think of this, I wonder?


      I am so tired! This past week has been crazy! (Which is why I haven’t been posting anything.) I was cleaning my house like crazy because my in-laws came on Thursday. I had to preach this Sunday and we had Little Man’s 3rd birthday party today after church. My hubby is napping right now, but I decided not to because when I took a nap on Thursday, I slept for 5 hours! I would like to sleep tonight. But I am exhausted. I will be glad when everything settles into the normal fall routine. Well, it won’t actually be normal. Little Man starts Head Start this year. He and Princess will be in the same class. Princess is 16 days too young to go to Kindergarten this year. It will be good for Little Man to have his sister the first year. They will have 4 half days of school per week.

      I’ll miss them both, but I plan on making good use of that time! I plan on dropping them off at the bus and then doing devotions. I’ve been doing them at night, but I think the morning would be better. Usually, I would get on the computer, but Chris has started his Masters and he’ll be up and doing that online in the mornings. Which will be good because it will make me do other, more productive things with my free time.

      Oh! In other news, both Chris and I passed our ordination exams. In November, we will have interviews. That is the last step. Hopefully, all will go well. I look forward to that being over, too. The test was probably the worst part, so it was a great relief to find out last week that we passed.

      So, all in all, I’m glad the summer is over. It’s been so hectic!