Here is a picture of my beautiful finger after yesterday’s silliness. Still not a great picture, but you can kind of see the stitches.

Well, the big day is here! I will be ordained in about 5 hours! Yay! I can’t wait! District Council has gone pretty well. Right now I’m sitting in a seminar with Ed Stetzer talking about being a missional church. Good stuff! In an hour and a half, we will get pictures taken with our kids, go to dinner with the in-laws and then come back for practice and more pictures.

It has been confirmed that we are the first couple to get ordained at the same time in Michigan, at least for the past 20 years that our district superintendent, Bro. William Leach, has been in office. We succeeded in confusing the ceremony. But, having practiced, all should go well. I must be honest that it was rather fun confusing things. 🙂

Ed Stetzer is a great speaker. He talks realy fast, but what he has good church planting stuff to say. He is saying that just like missionaries who go to other countries, we need to prepare for our “mission field” where we are pastors. We need to be intentional about reaching people. Just like missionaries learn a new language and culture, we need to continually relearn the culture of those we are trying to reach. That might mean having church in a coffee shop or bar. It might mean going out to help a farmer plant his crop. Whatever the situation of the people, we need to associate ourselves with them in an obvious way. We have “engage the culture where they are.” He listed three things that we need to be do in conjunction with each other.

“Our churches need to be biblically faithful, culturally relevant and counter-culture community for the gospel and the kingdom.”

Good stuff!!! Well, I’m signing off for now!

If there are typos in this post, my apologies! I’m using Hubby’s laptop. Did I tell you that a 7-foot shelf with 20-30 vases fell on him and his laptop? I don’t think I did. I blogged about it on my minister’s network on, but never copied it over. I will have to do that.

I recently did a meme in which I told of how I was always told as a child that I looked like Molly Ringwald. Of course, she was older than I was. Doodaddy asked for a picture and I have finally found one! So, here is me looking like Molly Ringwald.


Do you agree or disagree with what everyone said?

I just got pictures from Kayla, owner of the car I drove in the Faster Pastor race, of me with her car! Driving her car was so much fun! And really, she was so great to let me bang her car up. She got some awards this season, too. She had a 4 car dash win, a third place trophy from championship night, and the Points Championship for the Road Warrior division. She was also most Improved Driver for Road Warriors. Go Kayla!




Thanks so much to Kayla and her mom for the pictures!!!


After the last few days, I think it is time for something a little lighter. So here are some pictures from Halloween.

halloween-2010.jpgAnother bit of information: I never went trick-or-treating until my daughter was born. My parents were very adamant that Halloween was not a holiday that should be celebrated as a Christian. We would rent a movie, go to the farthest corner of the house, turn off all the lights and watch our movie. My brother and I always left school early when we had Halloween parties at school, too. Chris grew up this same way, too. My feelings are this: I don’t like the holiday, I don’t like most of the costumes and I feel weird taking my kids trick-or-treating. But, Chris wants to be involved with the community aspect of it and the people in our church (which is really surprising to the hubby and I, being Assembly of God as we are) want us to be involved and no one has any problems with it. So, we take the opportunity to hand out candy and something beneficial to the kids. (more…)