A friend of mine just asked me to recommend great places to go to in the Twin Cities. I thought I might as well share those same suggestions with the rest of the world. I’ll add to them as I think of more, but here are a few:


  • Pizza place: Red’s Savoy Pizza at 421 7th St E, St Paul, MN 55101. My husband swears it’s the best pizza anywhere. It is also a bar, just to warn you.
  • Greek: Christos on 2632 Nicollet Ave
  • New Orleans: Copeland’s: Expensive, but delicious. In the City Center Downtown on Hennepin.
  • Cafe di Napoli: 610 Marquette Ave. S., Minneapolis. Great Italian food. I’ve never been to the newly reopened one, but we used to go to the old one and the food was great!



  • Skip the Mall of America! No one who lives there goes because they repeat stores and it’s so hard to get in and out of!
  • Just walk around downtown and shop on Nicollet Avenue and 8th Street. Lots of great stores and malls and lots of fun!


  • Minnihaha Falls (another friend reminded me of this): I’ve never actually been, but I hear it’s really great!
  • Como Park Zoo: 1225 Estabrook Drive, Saint Paul, MN 55103 Free and free parking, donations are appreciated, though. There is also a conservatory.

Yesterday, we had a snowstorm and had to cancel church. We had an unexpected day off! I wouldn’t want it to happen very often, but it was a nice surprise to have a whole day suddenly cleared. We ended up having lunch with our treasurer to help celebrate Princess’s 5th birthday. She was excited to go to church and be doted on by everyone, but with the snow, that wasn’t happening. So, we had pizza and cake at their house, only a couple of blocks away. I can’t believe my princess is 5! She’s growing up so fast!

Then the schools canceled school. They canceled last night which is always nice. We got to sleep in! Two snow days in a row: Sunday and Monday! What fun. We will probably all go outside and shovel and play later.

I have been missing all my blog friends and my own blog, but I am getting a lot more done without so much internet time. And I needed to get things done. I’v been clearing all the clutter from my house. I guess rearranging the rooms inspired me! We still don’t have Christmas decorations up yet. Someone offered us thier old Christmas tree (only like two years old), but her new one was missing a part, so we will probably have to pull out the old one (also given to us by her). It’s getting late and I have presents I would like to put under it.

Well, I’m off to do more cleaning. We have lots of family coming the day after Christmas and our house is going to be sparkling! 😀