We had a great district council this year. We were miraculously provided for. I was miraculously healed of an ear infection and sore throat. You can read about our provision on my hubby’s blog. He did a great job of writing about it, so there is no reason for me to rewrite it. So, check out Adventures in Asceticism. He’s written some other great posts about District Council as well. I will just add that generally, our church pays for all or most of our expenses. That has been a wonderful gift in the past, but this year was especially tight, so we took donations, but not even an official love offering. I was amazed at the amount we got that way, but it still wasn’t enough. Our personal finances have been really tight the past month as well, so we weren’t in a great place when we left.

Now, as for my healing, I get to tell that story! Sunday, Princess was complaining of a sore throat. I thought, “oh, great, we’ll all be sick by the end of the week!” I wasn’t wrong. 😦 I tend to stress out when we are going somewhere. I don’t want to forget anything and I have to pack nearly everything. I make Chris pack his own clothes is all. So, I usually do get sick at the start of a trip. I think I run down my immune system or something. Anyways, I got it Sunday night. My throat hurt just a little. I thought maybe I wouldn’t get the full-blown thing. But, I did. Monday morning, I was croaking out my sentences. Monday afternoon, my in-laws met us at the campground and we handed off the kids. We went to dinner and shopping with them, but the kids were stuck to grandma and grandpa. Monday night they slept on their bus while we slept in our hotel room.

Tuesday morning we headed off to DC (District Council). My head hurt and my throat was killing me, but it was still manageable. So we went to the ordination luncheon and the banquet that night. At the banquet, my ears started hurting. I didn’t even tell Chris because I was hoping it wouldn’t be anything. We went to the house that was lent to us. It was great by the way! What fun! At 2 a.m. I awoke with terrible ear pain. (more…)

Yesterday, I was rather down in the dumps after being sick. I got the flu this week. It started Monday night. I’m still feeling really tired from it. When I get sick and am stuck in the house, my depression gets worse, so I needed to get out yesterday. We went to Bay City for dinner at Big Boy and then we walked around the mall. I think that was the first time we all walked. In other words, we didn’t bring a stroller or use a cart. We made the kids walk. And we did have to make them. They didn’t like the idea of walking.

Anyway, we had fun and at about 8:45 we decided to get everyone’s hair cut. It was kind of late for the kids, but it was nice. It is a good thing they don’t have preschool on Fridays, though. We were all in desperate need of haircuts. I needed a trim really badly, but I have also been thinking about a change, so I got layers! I’ve never had layers before. At least never on purpose. Here is my new haircut:


What do you think? It looks really great in the picture because they styled it, too. I hope I can make it look that good on my own. I’m kind of lazy with my beauty habits. I think that I am confident enough in myself and my appearance (what God gave me) that I don’t see the need to spend forever getting ready in the morning. I’m already beautiful. I hope you understand the spirit I say that in. God sees all of us as perfect already. So, we’ll see if I take the time to do my hair like this every day.

Don’t forget, God thinks YOU are beautiful!

Well, the hubby came home on time and in time. I was coming down with a cold and I hung on till he got home, but then I kinda crashed. I’ve been sick all week. I feel draggy and groggy. That is why I haven’t been blogging. I didn’t feel like doing anything social at all. I’m on the mending end of things now, but still am rather out of it.

Chris and I have been playing a lot of games lately. On Facebook, we each play a game to see who gets the higher score. The MindJolt Facebook app keeps track for us. I’ve been trying to beat Chris’ score in a game called Numbers Reaction, but I’m really not so great at it. Tonight as I was playing, though, I realized that the game reminded me of being a Christian. It makes me feel like the missionary that each of us should be. We are trying to infect those around us with the gospel. So, now, I am more determined to do well on the game! I hear myself saying in my head, “You will be saved, bubbles!”

Each level of the game you have to try to pop more of the bubbles by choosing one bubble to start the process. I was hoping to be able to put the game in this post, but I didn’t find a site that offered that as an option, so you will have to be satisfied with a link. This is a link to the game on a free game site. I also added a Facebook link. I have no idea if it will actually work for you or not. Enjoy!

Numbers Reaction

Numbers Reaction on Facebook

Azusa Street - Where pentecostal experience restarted!Today I am sick! My eyes are runny, my nose is runny and my throat hurts so bad! I really don’t want to be sick, but I only have myself to thank for it! I haven’t been eating correctly and my body always gets run down when I don’t eat right. I usually end up sick. I wish I didn’t like anything sugar so much!

Sunday night, we went to an evening service at Brighton Assembly of God. Chris, my hubby, wrote about our experience in his blog, but I have some thoughts of my own. I am not a big fan of church services. I know that sounds wrong coming from a minister, but sometimes I really wonder if we are meeting people’s needs through them. I try to get my kids to sit and listen, but at age 3 and 4, they only do so well and it is distracting to both me and the people around us. It is difficult to attend services with them. However, I really enjoyed Sunday evening’s service (even with the kids). We drove 2 hours to get there, but even that didn’t damper the evening’s greatness. (more…)