Today I had a good day. I’ve been in such a vile mood, but the doc put me on some different meds and now I feel much happier. I wish I could be like this without meds… But at least I can cope again. Work didn’t even irritate me today. I feel I could accomplish anything.
My hubby bought me a wonderful Christmas present and gave it to me early. It was a dishwasher. I’ve been yearning for one for so long. I think that it should be required in all parsonages, but it’s not. If I were United Methodist I would be guaranteed one, but not as an Assembly of God minister. 😦 O well, I have one now. It’s portable so I can take it with me when we move (which is a long time from now I hope). I do like it here in Sebewaing a lot. Lots of friendly people. I do wish that we weren’t in the Thumb (of the Michigan hand), though. I can’t get cell phone service that covers everywhere around here that I go. But the scenery is pretty here. And I love our cute little parsonage. Well, Have a Happy Day!